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Discover this fitness expert’s secret to building muscle in 40 minutes – without burnout, boredom, and injuries.

Tired of feeling let down by your workouts?

Or maybe you’re dealing with one of the other frustrating problems that result from fitness programs that don’t work…

  • No fat loss OR muscle gain
  • Nagging injuries
  • Stalled progress
  • Not feeling stronger
  • Fatigue from overtraining
  • Brain fog
  • Joint stiffness
  • Uncontrollable hunger and cravings
  • No carryover to daily tasks
  • No motivation

If you’re sick of dealing with those issues, and feel like there’s no way out…then you’ll love what 6x CrossFit Games athlete Marcus Filly, who specializes in helping his clients look good and move well, has to say.

He recommends a breakthrough training method that has helped thousands of athletes around the world build muscle – even when they’re short on time. And I’d like to show you the 4 secrets to building and keeping muscle once and for all.

Secret #1 - hit the right effort

The Rate of Perceived Effort scale, or RPE, makes sure you are working hard enough to build muscle. The reason it’s SO important is that training to failure stresses your muscles and joints. But not training hard enough won’t stimulate muscles to grow. Filly recommends reaching an 8 or 9 out of 10 on the RPE scale for at least two sets per exercise. That means stopping one or two reps before form failure. And that’s why Functional Bodybuilding pairs movements together in supersets, so you can recover one area while working another. This efficient style of lifting also helps you do a lot of work in the same amount of time.

Secret #2 - Balance the Body

A symmetrical physique and a resilient body have the same thing in common: balanced strength from head to toe. That means you can push as much as you can pull and your upper body is as strong as your lower. Additionally, you can move in any direction, possessing balanced strength and stability from side to side, in big movements and small. Filly calls this Strength and Structural Balance, and includes it in all his programs like PUMP 40. Most workouts limit their movement selection to a handful of exercises. But by working large and small muscle groups and including unilateral work that uses one side of the body at a time, you can bring your body back into balance.

Secret #3 - Time Under Tension

Most programs want you to lift as much weight as possible. But the key to avoiding injury and staying consistent in the gym is to use time under tension instead. Tempo training is a classic training method that incorporates slow, controlled lifting with pauses in certain positions. This strengthens joints and tendons without putting your body in stressful positions. And best of all, studies suggest a controlled lifting cadence may be optimal for maximizing muscle growth. With a tempo prescribed for each lift, you can build strength and muscle even with moderate weights.

Secret #4 - Remember to Have Fun!

Workouts don’t have to feel like punishment or a chore. When you enjoy training, and still have energy left over for the rest of the day, you will be able to stay motivated and consistent – and get faster results. And with timed workout formats, you won’t have to stress about getting to work or picking up the kids on schedule. Functional Bodybuilding keeps your sessions short and fun, and builds muscle without wasting your time.

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