dominic scalzo

Dominic Scalzo has been working out to some capacity as long as he can remember. He started playing sports very young and then around 12 years old began weight training with his mother before school started every other day. From the constant training in sport and aesthetics, he eventually went off to a few colleges to play lacrosse. He bounced around a bit, from the University of Maryland Baltimore County, to Onondaga Community College, and eventually to Rutgers University. Winning National titles, All-Rookie Team and All American Honors. He studied Business Administration and then made a switch over into Exercise Science.

During that time he fell into a dark place. Dominic found drugs and alcohol and was lost for some years. He stopped training and was asked to leave Rutgers and not be allowed to participate in the season that year. After a hard battle, he found some hope in 2012. He sought out treatment and began his sober journey! During that time, he rode his bike to the gym every day and began putting some things he learned in school to practice. Dominic was able to play some Club Lacrosse at Palm Beach Atlantic University, where he soon fell in love with CrossFit. He began coaching kids lacrosse and picking up shifts at the local gym, coaching classes and doing private sessions. As well as started his competitive career in CrossFit.

He competed for 7 years and eventually decided to hang it ip after a handful of injuries. Instead, Dominic focused on his career of coaching individuals for the CrossFit games. He had the opportunity to be mentored under James Fitzgerald, Jason Leydon, and a few others. Most recently, he began feeling quite burnt out from the CrossFit scene and has been focusing on people who have competed in the past and are looking to just feel better during training, without being run down. This is where Functional Bodybuilding proved to be a perfect fit for his coaching style.

He has his certifications with Opex, Precision Nutrition, WAG Nutrition Certification and many others. Dominic’s experience as an athlete and later training athletes has led to his well rounded coaching abilities that make you Look Good AND Move Well.

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