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Can I add weightlifting?

Several of our programs (Awaken Training Series and Persist) have Olympic weightlifting built in and, over the course of the program, it may build. The combination of multiple training programs that are not written with one another in mind will always complicate results. However, if you feel the need to add more, I suggest you keep the loads under 70%, keep the volume very low and strictly work on bar path and good movement patterns.

Should/Can we be adding in supplemental CrossFit style conditioning pieces? I feel the need to do a little more conditioning, but that could just be because I’m used to doing a lot of conditioning day to day.

You can do anything you want with your fitness journey. This is your pursuit and ultimately we are here to encourage you to find fulfillment. With that said there are some things to consider when you think about adding in additional programs. It takes a deep understanding of the stimulus of each program to determine how it will effect the goals of concurrent training. Awaken Training Series has conditioning built in and over the course of 12 weeks it will build. However, it is impossible to perfectly meet the training needs of every participant with one program. For some participants the conditioning will feel very hard and bordering on over reaching. For others it will feel like a dramatic decrease in volume. One suggestion would be to try and stick with the program as written for a few weeks. If you are overtrained from relentless volume to start, then it could be just the break you need to regain some lost energy. But always remember, this is your fitness journey, and you get to choose your own path. If you wish to have a plan built just for you the accommodates all your needs, we encourage you to hire a coach!

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