Movement Substitutions

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Strict Toes to Bar

Banded reverse crunches or hanging knee tucks

Strict Pull Ups

  • Banded pull ups
  • Partner assisted pull ups
  • Lat pull down
  • Table body row
  • Pillowcase door row

Handstand Walk

Handstand Push Up

Pike Handstand Push Up

Double Unders

  • Dumbbell Suitcase Lateral Hops over stick or dumbbell, 5-10 lbs/hand
  • Single Unders x 2 or 3 per Double Under
  • Jump with penguin taps (tap hips twice per jump)
  • High knees run in place
  • butt kickers

Sled Push/Pull

  • Pull a band in a rig
  • plate push or pull
  • dumbbell bear crawl

GHD Hip Extension

  • Supine hip extension
  • Rig one up with a bench and barbell
  • Hook feet under a bench while lying prone on top
  • Use a ball or side of a couch

What can I sub for a weighted rope?

You can use a regular rope with the same amount of reps, or double the amount of reps for an added challenge.

What can I sub for ring work?

For high ring work you can use a pull up bar, and for medium and low work use an empty barbell in a power rack. You can also get your own set of gymnastics rings inexpensively from Amazon.

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