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Profile – When you get your invitation to use TrueCoach, please set up your password and add some info about yourself. We’d love to see your photo! You can set your time zone and email preferences from the website interface of TrueCoach.

Saving Your Info – Keep in mind your TrueCoach account will only be active while you are an active program participant or ID client, so if you want to save your data you may want to copy it elsewhere. You can hang onto the daily emails if you want to refer back to the workouts.

Demo Videos – Your workout will be emailed to you each day, but be sure to click the “Open in TrueCoach” button to go to the TrueCoach website (it works on mobile too). Here you will see more details such as videos for each movement.

Notes – Under each exercise is a place for notes, photos, or videos for your reference – use this space to record the weights you used or anything else you’d like to remember about the exercises. You can post a photo or video for a form check if you like (be sure to notify Athlete Support through the message feature if you are in one of the group programs or they might miss it.)

History – Once you’ve built up a history, you can click the clock icon next to each exercise to see it – so you can check your past weights or other notes you’ve made.

Comments & Questions – At the bottom of each workout page is a place for comments – this is where you can ask questions that the coaches will see, or post any comments about how it went for you.

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