Persist July 2024 Highlights

New training starts Monday, July 1! Each training cycle of Persist builds on itself week to week. Take a look to see what’s coming in each track. Or try the Track Quiz to find your perfect track.

A Note From Marcus

Are you ready to kick off the second half of the year? This July, we’re bringing our usual five unique tracks of PERSIST, each designed to cater to different goals and preferences, along with a new workshop called OLY BUILDING.

Whether you’re looking to build muscle, enhance cardiovascular fitness, or get a quick yet effective workout, there’s something here for everyone. Let’s dive into what’s new and what you can expect from each track in this upcoming training cycle.

BONUS: Keep on the look out each week for Coach Tip videos at the top of select workouts. These videos have been filmed based on feedback we have received from you on what would be helpful to better understand on specific days. They will offer simple cues to enhance your training.


In the PERFORM track, we cover a broad range of movements and skills, including Olympic lifts and kipping gymnastics. We’re starting the second half of the year with a slightly new training split. From Monday to Wednesday, you’ll follow a Push, Legs, Pull split, targeting upper body pushing exercises on day one, legs on day two, and upper body pulling on day three. On Fridays and Saturdays, we’ll have traditional Lower and Upper body days, incorporating a mixture of all movement patterns.

The strength intensity focus this cycle includes Incline Barbell Bench Press, Cyclist Front Squats, Box Squats, Strict Pull-Ups, Conventional Deadlifts, and Supinated Barbell Rows. This cycle will challenge your upper back, lats, and grip, leading to significant strength gains in your back and biceps. High-skill gymnastics movements will continue to progress in conditioning workouts. Newcomers can use scaled versions of drills like Muscle Ups.

Expect the return of the popular conditioning workout format, Alphabet Soup, on Wednesdays. This involves five exercises performed in a different order circuit for four sets, challenging your pacing and providing a fun, longer style of conditioning.


4 Sets
A. 15 American KBS 53/35lbs (suggested male/female loads)
B. 15 Box Jump Overs 24/20″
C. 15-20 Cal Bike
D. 15 Burpees
E. 15 Wall Balls 20/14lbs to 10′
rest walk 2mins

Set 1 – ABCDE
Set 2 – EDCBA
Set 3 – CDEAB
Set 4 – BAEDC

PUMP Condition 3 or 5

The PUMP CONDITION track combines muscle-building strength training with daily conditioning workouts. In our 3x/week offering we will target all the major movement patterns each day. Expect to see a Squat, Hinge, Push, Pull, and Core, with a mix of unilateral and bilateral work.

The 5x per week offering will introduce a new training split from Monday to Wednesday: Push, Legs, Pull. Fridays and Saturdays will follow traditional Lower and Upper body days.

This cycle’s big lifts in PUMP CONDITION will be Cyclist Front and Back Squats and Conventional Deadlifts, alongside bodyweight strength intensity with Push-Ups and Body Rows.

Accessory strength training will feature in our Strength Balance sections, with supersets including Nordic hamstring curls and lunges, bicep curls and incline bench, and pull-ups and bent-over rows. You’ll also have two lower body heavy conditioning workouts and one focusing on Fatigued Abdominals, combining core work and breathing.


Fatigue Abdominals
For Time @ Sustainable Pace
Row Calories (female Rx – 18-15-12-9)
Plate Loaded Turkish Sit Ups 35/25
Bodyweight Step Ups 24/20″
(perform approximately half the reps on each leg)

On your off days I encourage you to get in about 30mins of movement in the form of a walk or light cardio movement. We give you suggestions and mobility routines on the off days that you are welcome to follow. But they are optional.

PUMP LIFT 3 or 5

The PUMP LIFT track focuses on muscle-building strength training, with many clients meeting their cardio needs outside the gym. The 3x per week PUMP LIFT offer will train the full body each day of the week. Each session will target the major movement patterns like Squat, Hinge, Push, Pull, and Core.

The 5x per week offering introduces a new training split from Monday to Wednesday: Push, Legs, Pull. Fridays and Saturdays will follow traditional Lower and Upper body days.

A PUMP that shapes my body

The main Strength Intensity lifts this cycle will include Sumo RDLs, Split Stance RDLs, DB Arnold Presses, Pronated Pull-Ups, Conventional Deadlifts, and Supinated Bent Over Rows.

Accessory strength training will feature in Strength Balance sections, with single-leg squats in the form of Kickstand Pistol Squats, Glutes and Calves, and arms-focused days.


We have a couple of unique finishers lined up for you this cycle. They include Glutes & Calves superset, a dedicated Lats/Back finisher, and at least one day fully dedicated to Core.

Every 3:30 x 4 working sets
  1. 10 Narrow Grip Dumbbell Bench Press @30X0
    directly into
  2. 12-15 BW Pushups @20X0
    directly into
  3. 15-20 Banded Tricep Extension
    rest until the next 3:30

On your Thursday Rest Day I encourage you to get in about 30mins of movement in the form of a walk or light cardio movement. There is an optional gym session idea for movement and mobility flow if you are looking for ideas. Sunday is a great day to give your body a full rest if you hit all 5 sessions in a week.


PILLARS and MINIMALIST follow a 4 day per week training split. The aim is to get you in and out of the gym in an hour without compromising the essence of Functional Bodybuilding.

This cycle’s training split is as follows:

  • Monday – Full Body PUSH (Quads, Core, Shoulders, Chest, Triceps)
  • Tuesday – Fully Body PULL (Back, Biceps, Hamstrings, Glutes)
  • Thursday – Lower Body
  • Friday – Upper Body

This will allow us to hit all the major muscle groups twice a week. The big lifts that we will focus on in your Strength Intensity sections this cycle will include Cyclist Front and Back Squats, Pull-Ups, Supinated Barbell Rows, and Conventional Deadlifts, along with a bodyweight strength intensity day.

Strength Balance sections will feature the accessory strength work. You’ll see a focus on Nordic hamstring curls and lunges, bicep curls and tricep extensions, and dumbbell squat and press combinations.

Conditioning sections will include interval-style workouts and an Upper Body Push Grind session that is particularly fun.



400m Run
30 Narrow Grip DB Incline Bench Press 40/25lbs
30 Banded Reverse Crunch
20 Narrow Grip DB Incline Bench Press 40/25lbs
20 Banded Reverse Crunch
10 Narrow Grip DB Incline Bench Press 40/25lbs
10 Banded Reverse Crunch
400m Run


In the Workshops section of Atom, you’ll find bonus specialty training programs that you can do any time:

  • OLY BUILDING – 6 weeks of Olympic lifting, Strength Intensity, and Strength Balance to complement your lifts (no conditioning)
  • FBB 101 – A great way for new athletes to get used to FBB terms and training styles
  • PUMP 40 – 40-minute lifting-only workouts – great for summer!

Our original training cycles of PUMP 3x/week are also available in a workshop format.



Get started today by signing up for your 2-week free trial. You’ll get all 5 tracks, 3 Day Full Body programs, and workshops – plus bonus ebooks and members only deals!

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