Persist Track Switch

The Persist training program includes access to 4 ongoing training tracks – but for the best experience within the TrueCoach app where you’ll find your training, you may wish to customize which tracks appear in your account.

Use the form below to select which tracks you want to see in TrueCoach, including any tracks you currently follow that you want to keep.

Functional Bodybuilding training is designed progressively, and each training track has a focus – which means if you want to build muscle mass, you’ll get the best results by following the Pump training track for a 6 week training cycle or longer. Or if you want to improve your performance, follow the Perform track for 6 weeks before switching things up.

However, you are welcome to make Persist your own. We are happy to guide you to the selections that are right for you if you have any questions – use the chat bubble in the bottom right corner of this page to send us a message any time, or to view our self-service help articles.

You can also come back to this page any time you want to change your tracks. We’ll set things up for you within 24-48 hours.

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Persist Track Options


Look Good, Move Well
60 minutes
4 days/week
Full equipment (simple setups)
Best place to start FBB

Build Visible Muscle


Build visible muscle
75 minutes*
5 days/week
Full equipment
*Includes Short on Time options


Athleticism & Performance
90 minutes*
5 days/week
Full equipment & Olympic lifts
*Includes Short on Time options

Look Good & Move Well


Combo of Pump & Perform
60-75 minutes
5 days/week
Low & no equipment
Great for travel