Becoming a Professional Coach

Breaking down the business of coaching, Marcus charts his career from CrossFit coach to head of a global fitness brand. Including the pros and cons of working for yourself, and when you need to reach out for more support. Sponsored by Vivo Barefoot: Use CODE LGMW15 to get a special listener offer at

counting macros for dummies

Highly Calculated Diets and the Real World

Pro bodybuilders are known for eating highly controlled diets – and getting amazing results. But such restriction is only meant for controlled periods of time. Here’s what we can learn from controlled environments and how to apply it to the more realistic routines of our lives. Sponsored by LMNT – get your free sample pack at

Fighting the Inner Noise: A Personal Focus for 2023

What social media influencers don’t tend to tell you is that no matter how you look, body image issues still loom large. Marcus shares his personal journey through fitness performance and aesthetics, and how he plans to rewrite the inner narrative in 2023. Sponsored by Vivo Barefoot – get a special listener offer at Use …

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Supplements for Average Joes and Janes

Let’s cut through the noise and hype of the thousands of supplements competing for your attention – and your wallet. Here’s a simple way to research what’s good, plus top recommendations for those who want to look good, move well, and focus on health.

You Can’t Do That When You’re My Age

Have you ever heard this statement? What should one say to members of the older generation who have not yet bought into strength training and mobility, yet are struggling with pain?

Time & Realistic Goals: Long and Short

“I don’t have time.” What does this really mean when it comes to setting realistic fitness and nutrition goals? Today we look at how long things really take, the give and take of going faster, and what can be done in a little or a long amount of time.

4 Pillars of Training

What does an ideal workout include? This is the Functional Bodybuilding approach – balance these elements in your training to look good and move well for life.