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When you’re in pain, all you can think of is getting out and feeling normal again. And when you’re out of pain, the last thing you want is to go back to square one.

Most people simply want to look good, move well, and stay out of pain so they can enjoy life to its fullest. But the activities you love come with wear and tear – whether that’s training in the gym, playing other sports, or simply meeting the daily demands of life. When you lace up your shoes before the game, you want to be imagining how it will feel to come out on top – instead of worried that today’s the day your dodgy knee will finally crumble.

Fortunately, you can reduce the likelihood of injury and train in a way that leaves you feeling strong, stable, and spry. And it doesn’t have to take forever, or involve boring exercises that do nothing for your athletic performance – or your muscle tone.

What if you could wake up every morning feeling dangerously athletic? What if you felt like you could stretch into newfound strength and ability, without fear of hobbling around in pain?

Hi, I'm Marcus FIlly

After training for decades and competing at the highest level of the sport of CrossFit, I was used to feeling banged up and broken. Pushing intensity came with a price – so after I retired from competition, I turned my sole focus to helping others build visible muscle, enjoy training more, and still feel athletic.

But even as a lifelong student of fitness, there is always more to uncover. And when I found the work of Ben Patrick (aka Kneesovertoesguy) and started experimenting with it in training, I was blown away. My ankles, knees, hamstrings, and hips felt better than ever. Which translated to better squats, wall balls, box jumps, Olympic lifts, or whatever I wanted to throw at my body.

Ben and I struck up a friendship, and with his blessing I began mixing some of his methods into my Persist training subscription, with great results. Just like the thousands of participants of Ben’s ATG programs, our athletes were also feeling strong, stable, and springy.


Ben asked me to write a few FBB workouts to mix into his training as well, which I happily did – and we fine tuned them together when he came to meet up and train in California. The requirements:

  • Look Good Move Well – designed to build strength and visible muscle
  • Full Body – balanced upper and lower body workouts to hit all the movement patterns
  • Knee Friendly – continue to strengthen and bulletproof knees based on Ben’s system
  • Accessible – easy to get started and broken down into levels for beginner to advanced
  • Progressive – show how to build up over time into the next level
  • Short – 30 minute sessions that are easy to mix with Ben’s ATG programs or other activities

Now you can access these four workouts in this ebook and put them to use for yourself.

I was actually following Marcus before he was following me, so it’s been surreal to get to work with him and train with him in person. From my first-hand experiences with Marcus, I can confidently say he is the best workout architect I have ever seen.

In a world of exclusion, Marcus is on (in my opinion) the path of truth: INCLUSION, and he has masterfully worked the ATG system into his own. People will be getting workouts not quite like anything there’s ever been!


– Ben Patrick, Founder, Athletic Truth Group @kneesovertoesguy

Get Started Quickly

If you are new to Functional Bodybuilding, video tutorials will walk you through everything you need to get started, and show you how to use these workouts according to your needs. There are also demo videos for every movement and equipment substitutions.

Use this ebook as a complete 4-day training split, as add-on strength and conditioning work that rounds out other programs, as benchmark workouts to return to from time to time, or as bonus sessions whenever you feel like getting a great pump that won’t tear up your body.

With our no-risk 30 day guarantee, you can give the complete program a try. And you too can feel….”dangerously athletic.”

$29 USD
$9 USD Persist Member Price

Frequently Asked Questions

Full List:

  • Barbell and Plates
  • Squat Rack and Pull Up Bar
  • Bench
  • Dumbbells up to 30% of bodyweight
  • Jump Stretch Band
  • Rings*
  • Slant Board*
  • Sled*
  • Stationary Bike*

*Substitution List

  • Rings can be replaced with a bar or the floor
  • Slant Board can be replaced with heels on a weight plate
  • Sleds can be replaced by backwards walking or DB Carries or Running
  • Stationary Bike can be replaced by backwards walking or DB Carries or Running

If you are in the Persist program, you will find many of the movements in these workouts built in already – but the ebook makes a great set of Short on Time workouts or benchmarks you can come back to.

If you are in ATG or any other training program, these short 30 minute workouts can be combined or done in alternate sessions. The ebook comes with scheduling scenarios to work them in on different days, or you can use them as a standalone program.

Persist members with active subscriptions receive automatic discounted pricing on all ebooks. Simply use the same email as your active subscription when you log in for checkout.

Contact us and we’re happy to help!

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