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  • Your current program(s) isn’t working
  • Your current program(s) isn’t addressing your goals or needs
  • Want something tailored to YOU and optimized for what YOU want
  • Need accountability
  • Want to establish a consistent routine and healthier lifestyle
  • Want to fall in love with training again
  • Want to stop second-guessing yourself and your decisions
  • You don’t know where to begin


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Your Questions Answered

We use the intuitive TrueCoach app to deliver training and communicate with our clients. TrueCoach will allow you to log current results and keep up with past results to see how far you’ve come, view form instruction videos within the workout, provide comments and feedback on your workouts for your coach to see, and message your coach.

Given that this a customized service, this is completely tailored to you – your lifestyle, schedule, goals, and needs. You and your coach will agree upon training frequency and duration to set yourself up for success!

We will work with whatever you have available! We’ve worked with clients with no equipment and clients that had fully stocked home gyms and everything in between. You will be no exception!

We are focused on several different factors when it comes to nutrition – quality of food, quantity of food, lifestyle guidelines, and other important topics such as meal balance, meal timing, and supplementation. We have a primarily macro-based approach, with clients ranging all along the spectrum from high attention-to-detail tracking all the way to more intuitive eating. We have tools and resources for everyone and will meet you where you’re at!

Absolutely not! We work with clients with many different backgrounds and goals. Some want to change their body composition, others want to compete in a local event or in another sport from time to time, and others just want to feel good training and get their first pull up (and then another!). No matter what your interests are, your coach will design a plan for you to reach them.

You have the ability to reach out to your coach at any time via the TrueCoach app’s messaging platform. You can also provide comments/feedback on each specific workout, send in videos for form check and technique feedback, and log your results for each workout or day’s worth of nutrition (which your coach will be monitoring to keep up with your progress). You will also receive a weekly check-in message from your coach, and you’ll have a 30-minute Zoom consultation each month which is a great time to dive deeper into topics. The more information you add to your workouts in the TrueCoach app, the more your coach will be able to give feedback and fine tune your program.

Pricing starts at $295 per month. We have two options to get started: 12 months and 6 months. You can pay monthly or pay all up front in order to receive a discount. Generally, people stay much longer than their first one or two commitments.

This service is designed to evolve with your ever-changing needs and goals. It is normal for goals to change, and we will evolve with you. We’ve had clients stay with us for well over 6 years at a time, so you better believe their goals change!

Simply chat with our Customer Success Manager in order to be paired with the right coach for you. Then all you have to do is make the commitment and meet your coach to set a start date!

Benefits of 1:1 coaching

Working with a coach is a game changer. If you know deep down that your current plan is not addressing your specific needs, or if you’re tired of second guessing every step, a Master Coach will get you back on track.


Custom workouts are created for you every week based on your priorities and what motives you to train, as well as your initial movement assessment. So you’ll stay safe and still make progress – and as your needs change over time, your coach will adjust your plan.


Want to shed fat and build muscle? How about improve your digestion, ditch sugar cravings, and feel more confident in the kitchen? We don’t believe in a one size fits all approach to nutrition – but we do believe in helping you find out what works best for you. Whether you want to overhaul your eating or slowly make a few tweaks over time, your coach will align your nutrition plan to your training and overall goals, and make sure it feels sustainable and enjoyable. Talk to your coach about accountability in ways that work for you – whether that’s a food log or just a once in awhile check in on how things are going.


Instead of crushing you with workouts that leave you exhausted or injury-prone, your coach will take your stress profile into account when designing your program, and check in with you frequently to make sure you get the right dose of training. We’ll also work with you on small but mighty habits to release the pressure – from sun, hydration, and sleep to entering “rest and digest” states after training and before eating.

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