Functional Body Composition 2

Male Or Female Continuing Program

Did you love Functional Body Composition 1.0?

The training continues with a brand new 8 week design – this time with separate male and female tracks!

By popular demand, Functional Body Composition 2.0 continues your fun – and functional – journey to a better body with all new 8-week programs. (If you have not completed Functional Body Composition 1.0, both males and females should start there to accumulate enough volume and adapt your body to training.)

If looking amazing is your primary goal, dive deeper with a new training cycle that’s optimized for building muscle while burning fat. Smart supersets will target all the right places while challenging you just enough – and keeping you far from injury and burnout.

Functional Pump Conditioning gives you the fun and movement variety you crave without wasting your time with workouts that won’t get you jacked.

Pre-Fatigue Pumps warm you up the right way by allowing you to awaken and access all your muscular power, making every moment count in the gym.


The majority of people will achieve profound results through following similar programs – and thousands of athletes, both male and female, have loved Functional Body Composition 1.0.

But it’s human nature to want to keep pushing forward – and we’re taking you into even more specific body composition training with separate male and female training designs.

What’s the difference?

Simply put, men and women have different hormonal and physical responses to training, and tend to look for different aesthetic results. Yes, we’re talking killer chests, glorious glutes, tight cores, sculpted shoulders, and a balanced look overall for each.

I’ve taken everything I’ve learned from decades of coaching both male and female clients, and put them into each of these training designs: the movement selection, rep ranges, and power output for each gender are all optimized for maximum impact.

And best of all, you’ll continue to move well by building strength and joint stability, expanding your range of motion, and exploring a fantastic variety of movements.

What You'll Get

  • Ebook with 8 week program: 5 workouts per week (60-75 minute sessions) – choose male or female track
  • Warmups/pre-fatigue pumps for every session
  • Strength and complementary Functional Pump Conditioning work
  • Optional rest day cardio day/recovery flow
  • Demo videos for every movement
  • Bundle with the 1.0 program and save 20%!

Join Functional Body Composition with no risk – all our programs come with a 30 day guarantee.

$69 USD

“I’ve been doing your workout program for a month, already have gained weight and I have now been the strongest and fittest I have ever been thanks to you bro!”


“All the extra back work in 2.0 is really helping my upper back posture. 15+ years of cutting hair has rolled my shoulders forward big time, but no more!!”


“I’m 4 weeks into your functional bodybuilding program after following crossfit games training for the last 9 months. My body has never felt better, my sleep is better, and I feel my muscles working instead of just running around like a madwoman. I’m a personal trainer myself and I definitely use your info and look up to you!”


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