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Minimalist 30 - DUMBBELL ONLY

Get fitter with your dumbbells – instead of spinning your wheels.

Dumbbell workouts are a dime a dozen. And for good reason – many people train at home with limited equipment, or need a workout that can be done in a small space with efficient setup and tools that can be found almost anywhere.

But the dumbbell workouts commonly found online are like candy – a tasty little treat, a good sweat or pump here and there, but they leave you no closer to your goals than before.

To actually build muscle and get fitter, you need workouts that:

  • balance movements so you don’t get injured from overuse
  • progress thoughtfully so you adapt as you get stronger
  • properly prepare you for the training session – instead of leaving you hanging to figure out a warmup on your own
  • build a great aesthetic – without sacrificing quality movement
  • are FUN AS HELL so you keep coming back for more!


We could easily give you a collection of random dumbbell workouts – that will get you bored or burned out. Or leave you to the overwhelm of trying to figure it all out yourself. But instead, we’ve brought together the best of Functional Bodybuilding training methods to showcase how effective minimal equipment can be for a wide range of applications.

Do your dumbbell workouts build better biceps? How about help you endure longer workouts? Do you want to learn the latest Functional Bodybuilding methods that blend aesthetic AND performance results so you can look good and move well like thousands of our program participants? Look no further!

Introducing Minimalist 30

This ebook contains 30 minimal equipment workouts that showcase the best of Functional Bodybuilding, with only four simple items: a set of dumbbells, a bench, a jump rope, and a pull-up bar.

Using proven methods of bodybuilding alongside effective functional fitness training methods, these workouts will show you a range of creative applications that will open your mind to new ways of training – and get you better results.

Created by 6x CrossFit Games athlete and Functional Bodybuilding founder Marcus Filly, FBB Minimalist 30 will change the game of your low equipment training. Use the workouts on their own, combine them for a unique training program, or work off their designs to create new ways of training for yourself or your clients.

“Gym was closed because of possible gnarly weather. Don’t sleep on minimalist workouts. Soul crushing. Stay safe y’all!”


“I had a few weeks of low motivation to train but I love the concept of FBB and the combination of tempos and challenging movements keep it fun and rewarding. Already I’m enjoying training again and I feel like it’s doing wonders for other areas of my life too so I just wanted to take a moment to thank you.”


What's Inside FBB Minimalist 30?

This ebook contains 6 different minimalist training formats, with 5 workouts each:

  1. Full Body Minimalist – 75min full body sessions, including warmup
  2. Functional Bodybuilding Fundamentals – focused short workouts that highlight 2-3 essential ways to build strength and conditioning
  3. Minimalist Body Composition – time under tension for the ultimate hypertrophy pump sesh! Pair with Functional Pump Conditioning for hypertophy finishers.
  4. Minimalist Challenges – timed workouts that let you go full throttle when you want to bring the heat
  5. Minimalist Aerobic Bodybuilder – strength work with conditioning development for balanced endurance improvement
  6. Functional Bodybuilding Leading Edge – experimental muscle recruitment and training formats – no two are the same!

You’ll get demo videos linked for every movement, and our Functional Bodybuilding Facebook group is a great place to bring your questions and get a friendly high-five!

You will need:

  • set of dumbbells
  • bench or box
  • pull up bar (doorway version is fine)
  • jump rope

Give it a try risk free with our 30 Day Guarantee!

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