Look good AND move well - at 20, 40, 60, and beyond

Get excited to change your body – and still attack the rest of your day!

Introducing Persist – a complete Functional Bodybuilding workout plan to get fit AND build eye popping muscle:

  • even if you only have a couple dumbbells – or no equipment at all
  • even if you have limited time to train
  • even if you get bored super easily

and especially if you’ve crushed yourself with punishing workouts, and STILL don’t look the way you want.

Avoid spinning your wheels and wondering why you’re working so hard – only to end up injured, drained, and second-guessing your plan. It’s time to put your training in the hands of an expert and finally love the way you look and move.

New and only found in Persist:

Year Long Roadmap

No matter when you join, there’s a plan to build your skills, strength, stamina - and build visible muscle too. Random workouts get random results - so each training block of the year will purposefully build on the last.


Every workout is designed to help you look good and move well. If you're comfortable with PILLARS, request to add the PUMP track. Classic bodybuilding gets a functional twist for workouts that pack on muscle and are fun as hell!


Every week blends high effort conditioning with slower, quality-focused work so you recover and still make gains. Strength work is balanced, too - so you’ll build muscle from head to toe, without overtaxing any one area at a time.


Never worry about squeezing in a workout at home or on the road - or getting locked out of the gym. Full equipment, minimal equipment, and bodyweight only workouts are all included when you request the MINIMALIST track, so you’ll always have what you need.


You don’t have to get another subscription or carve out extra time for “recovery work” - roll it all into your session and be done for the day. Our in-house Doctor of Physical Therapy will guide your way.


Short on time? Want to know how to approach the workout? Coaching notes for every training session will give you all the details on how to make the most of your session.


Take the 30 Day Persist nutrition challenge included in the program to learn a complete system for building sustainable habits that work with any eating style - from paleo to carnivore to vegan. Learn what to focus on FIRST to make big changes that you can keep for decades to help you look good, move well, and feel amazing!


Every track includes notes to shorten your session - or sub in a workout from your complimentary PUMP 40 and AEROBIC 40 Ebooks! These 40-minute sessions pair perfectly with the program and are great for times when you need more flexibility in your schedule.

Do you remember...NOOB GAINS?

That magical time when you first discovered fitness and bought some shiny new shorts and shoes. Every week – a new PR! You were so pumped to get to the gym, because you unlocked skill after skill like a video game:

Strict pull-ups. Stronger squats. Feeling like you weren’t going to die every time you did burpees.

And not only that, your body transformed before your eyes. New muscles started popping. Your clothes fit better – or you had to buy new ones altogether.

And then…the plateau

The gains were fewer and further apart. Life got busy – and with it, your enthusiasm slipped. You hit the “fuck it” button more often on weekends out with friends…or during the week. Nagging injuries started to pop up.

You doubled down.

The more intensity the better, right? Hard work pays off – so you worked harder. You went Rx. Or joined the competitor track. Then you sleepwalked through your job, through your family time, choking down supplements. You bought more shoes…

Only to end up stressed, burned out, and still not looking the way you want.

What if your workouts got you confident and fit – and you still had energy left over?

In a culture of MORE HARDER FASTER, it’s hard to see how holding back could actually work better – especially if you love the rush of working hard.

But then why do…

  • professional sports include an off season?
  • endurance athletes do tons of low effort work?
  • top CrossFit athletes turn to bodybuilding after competing?

You see, the secret of staying athletic and looking good is by not stressing out your body with one punishing workout after the next. By knowing exactly when to to push and when to pull back, you can stay in the game and keep your results for years.

Imagine waking up excited to train – years after you started this program.

You open your eyes, stretch, and feel that perfect touch of soreness – enough to know you trained hard, but you can still sit on the toilet without wincing in pain.

As you pass by the mirror, you do your morning flex – and you like what you see.

Your body hums with energy, and you dress feeling confident in how your clothes fit.

You glance at your app and see brand new workouts – and you can’t wait to get after it, knowing you’ll still crush your presentation later.

It feels good to know that every move is there for a reason – and will help you feel fit, look great, and stay motivated to train.

Sound like a dream?

I live it, my athletes live it – and I’ll show you how.

Hi, I’m Marcus Filly. And I wasn’t always this fit.

You might know me as the shredded guy from Instagram, as a 6x CrossFit Games competitor, as the trainer for celebrities like WWE and Mandalorian star Sasha Banks, or from Men’s Health magazine.

But I’ve struggled with my fitness more than you’ll ever know.

I found training as a teen, learned everything I could, and got abs for the first time ever – only to under-nourish my body and injure my back – which nagged me for my entire competitive career.

Next, I headed to medical school, full of optimism on helping people live healthier lives – only to meet my match at the cafeteria buffet, and pile on pounds stress eating and studying, trying to force myself down a path that wasn’t meant for me.

I dropped out and found CrossFit, and it turned out I was pretty good – thanks to my strength foundation. I coached, ran a gym, trained others, and went on to compete at the Games six times, placing 12th in the world in 2016…

But after that year of the hardest competitive training of my life, I was so burned out I could barely walk into the gym. My body was messed up, my gut was in distress from cramming down sugar for the energy to train, I had walked away from my business and had no idea what was next — and I was about to become a dad for the first time ever.

It turns out that too much stress from training, from work, and from life won’t help you look good.

Too much, too hard, too fast, will only get you injured and back on the couch.

As someone who loves to train, feel fit, and have abs, I had to find another way.

Get Built, Not Burnt - Now and 20 Years From Now

I stripped it all down and worked with my coach to get back to what made me feel good. (Yes, even coaches get a coach, knowing we all have blind spots and need someone to guide us.)

Simple movements – planks and presses. Done slowly, to build control and strength in the joints. Going for quality instead of flinging a barbell madly through the air. Conditioning to build muscle and heal, instead of leaving me on the floor for ten minutes every time.

Building up, bit by bit. Layering on. As my energy came back, I was still doing muscle ups and snatches – but I could go home and take my baby for a walk instead of crashing on the couch. I was still getting after it – but feeling better than ever before. I lost the puffy look from competition, and turned my extra drive to focusing on work.

I shared my training on Instagram and named it Functional Bodybuilding – a nod to the classic bodybuilding methods I was updating with my love for the fun and challenge of functional fitness. And the rest was history. People tried it and loved the results – and begged me for more.

And you know what surprised me the most? Not only were they looking good and feeling strong – they were still hitting PRs!

Athletes in their 30s, 40s, and 50s weren’t hanging up their Nikes and taking up yoga. They were popping their tops and getting after it – without crushing themselves in the process.

Avoid These Fitness Traps

With all the conflicting information out there, it’s too easy to fall into these common fitness traps – I’ve learned these the hard way myself:

TRAP #1:  “I’m just not working hard enough.”

You’re not undisciplined or lazy if you don’t throw up after every workout – and that’s not what’s preventing you from getting ripped. How your workouts are designed is much more important than how hard they feel. Anyone can write a workout to put you in the pain cave – but one that gets results is much more of an art.

TRAP #2: “I need to eat fewer calories if I want to change my body.”

Maybe yes – and maybe no! I’m not going to B.S. you and say nutrition doesn’t play an enormous role in how you look and feel – but I encounter under-eaters just as often as over-eaters, if not more. The key is to learn what goes into the numbers, how to feed yourself well, and how your own body works best – and to make sure your training builds muscle instead of stripping it away.

TRAP #3: “I have to put in as much time recovering as I do in the gym.”

I love to start my day with a sauna and cold plunge – but if your training beats you up so bad you have to foam roll, massage gun, mobility WOD, and meditate for two hours just to feel normal, I’d wager something’s off. How about training that develops more mobility and better movement within every workout, and leaves you ready to come back and hit it the next day? What could you do with all that extra time?

The common theme is that stress makes you look and feel like crap.

Training stress, job stress, nutritional stress, digestive stress…We all know this – but that doesn’t make it easy to release the pressure from work, family, friends, and that darned drawer you’ve been meaning to fix. You’re not going to quit your job and move to a cave in the Himalayas.

But you can lower the stress training takes on your body while still feeling fantastic about your workout – and look and move better than ever before.

What Do You Want Your Progress Post to Say 3 Months From Now?

Functional Bodybuilders want to look good – and they also care about feeling fit, having more energy and less stress in their lives, and growing as a person.

Whether it’s a PR time on a benchmark workout, sculpted shoulders and abs, or a report of a great day working out with the family, I love to see the results my participants are achieving:

Find Endless Motivation

The reason you don’t have those results yet isn’t that you need more information. You could head to my Instagram or email list – or to thousands of others, to get a free workout right now.

This is about more than crash dieting to look good for a wedding – and then bouncing right back to square one.

This about training that you’ll still love 6 months…12 months…or 5 years from now.

Defying what it means to resign yourself to aging, and accepting that at some point you’ll grab a can of Pringles and retire to the couch.

Hell no!

As a lifelong student of fitness, there’s one thing that motivates me more than rock hard abs, more than setting an example for my daughters, and even more than inspiring hundreds of thousands of people around the world (though I do love these things very much).

It’s motivating to learn more about ourselves.

Set a goal for yourself – and surpass it. Delight yourself with your own progress pic. Encounter a new skill, and chip away at it, bit by bit. Struggle a little – and then succeed! Make a weakness into a strength.

Do more than you ever thought you could, and feel proud of yourself in the process.

My mission with Functional Bodybuilding is more than getting you sexy and fit – it’s to show you how to grow as an athlete and as a person. I call this the Thinking Athlete – someone who stays curious and is open to learn.

How to Look Good, Move Well, and Persist for Years to Come

Persist is my Functional Bodybuilding subscription program that thousands of athletes are using right now to look good and move well – without burnout.

Persist is a complete training program that includes:

  • Meticulously planned building blocks of training to continually motivate you with progress – without getting bored by repetition


  • PILLARS track to cover all your essential fitness bases in shorter, fewer workouts per week – this is the best place to start if you’re new to FBB or have limited time to train – you’ll learn the fundamentals of Functional Bodybuilding training with efficient training sessions.
  • No fluff PUMP track for when your goal is getting jacked – these workouts are designed to do exactly that. If you’re feeling confident with FBB and ready to train in longer, more frequent sessions, you can request to add this track.


  • Endless ways to grow your strength, gymnastic skills, Olympic lifting, and endurance with the PERFORM track – with plenty of work that helps you look good, too. Nail your pistol squats, strict pull-ups, handstand push-ups, and more! And stop hoping your random WODs will circle back to it eventually. Request to add this on if you have 90 minutes to train, 5x/week.


  • MINIMALIST low equipment and bodyweight track so you can work out anywhere at all – without skipping a beat. You can even mix in parts if you’re missing a piece of equipment or just feel like some bodyweight work. Request Minimalist if you have limited equipment to train with.

  • Warmups, cool-downs, mobility work, and rest day flows to stay limber, loose, and ready for anything – right within your training, so you don’t need an extra subscription or routine – designed in collaboration with our in-house Doctor of Physical Therapy. You can also pull up a mobility video on demand in our Member’s Only Mobility Library.


  • Short on time options for Pump and Perform to get it in within an hour if you have added either of these tracks


  • Coaching notes to show you more WHY. You’ll pick up useful bits that help you understand more behind the method – so you can feel confident adjusting your workouts to make them work and feel even better for your unique needs.


  • Nutrition for any eating style – you can go high carb or no carb, or follow any way of eating that works for you. We’ll show you what works in any situation to build sustainable nutrition habits to look good, move well, and keep your gut happy and healthy too.

  • Working in” lessons – Sunday is a day to reflect, and you’ll get a weekly letter on what I’m thinking about, struggling with, or what I’ve recently learned. It’s like you’re hanging out in my backyard with me shooting the shit about training, nutrition, and life.

Which brings me to another thing…

You Won't Be Alone

Some love the group class atmosphere, and other people feel too self-conscious – or get pushed into sloppy reps just to get a faster score on the board.

But one truth is that supportive people make a big difference.

We don’t all have family members around that understand the fitness lifestyle.

Or a coach to guide us every step of the way (like we provide in our 1:1 coaching program).

But fortunately, there are thousands of Persist athletes around the world that congregate online. Come into the Facebook group at any hour to share a win, ask a question, or see what someone’s cooking. We’re all here to support each other.

Need more direct support? Ask a question or post a form check video right in the app, and a coach will get back to you within 24 hours (if not sooner).

I’m doing this training myself, testing and tweaking the workouts – and want to know how it’s going for you.

When you share your thoughts, we listen.

New In Persist

Based on your feedback, Persist has evolved since it began to include:

  • Pillars, Pump, Perform, & Minimalist tracks – all to suit different fitness needs and goals
  • More cool-downs and coaching notes
  • Benchmark weeks to periodically test your training
  • Joint-focused training and mobility work to stay healthy and strong for decades
  • Nutrition education and resources, with a step by step implementation guide
  • Mobility follow along videos – no need for a separate mobility subscription!
  • Complementary Ebooks and special member deals
  • And we’re just getting started.

Why Try to Figure It Out Yourself?

With so many training choices out there, you could spend hours scrolling through Instagram, just trying to find a workout that looks fun.

Or you could open up your app and have it all done for you – so you can jump right into training, knowing you’ll make progress day by day.

Check off your workout, get a fist bump, and still have mental focus left over and a spring in your step.

Persist also includes:

  • TrueCoach account to get your workouts on iOS, Android, or any web browser – record your notes, ask questions, upload a progress photo or track your PRs – and update them any time to see how far you’ve come.
  • Options for all 4 training tracks – Once you sign up, you can select which tracks you want to see in your app – but you can add on any time you like. Pillars is the best place to start!
  • Demo videos for every movement – not some random guy on Youtube who talks at you for 10 minutes before showing you the move. I filmed my own demo library of thousands of moves so you can get a quick reference right in the app.
  • A coach on the other end – is my tempo right? What can I sub for a sled push? My back feels funky, should I take tomorrow off? Pop a question in the message box and a coach will have your back.
  • FBB Facebook Group – this actively moderated group includes tons of Functional Bodybuilding enthusiasts of different backgrounds, who keep up a positive, supportive vibe.
  • Workout emails for a summary if you’re out of range – you can customize your notifications to turn these on or off.
  • Exclusive member discounts – Persist subscribers get discounts on ebooks, special learning opportunities, and other ways for us to say we think you’re rad. )


Now available exclusively to Persist subscribers, get bonus ebooks with your membership:

30/30 Cardio Challenge:

30 days of 30 minute cardio workouts that you can mix into your training any time. End the boring slogs on the treadmill or the painful HIIT sessions that make you want to throw your gym shoes in the trash. Learn my special formula for feel good cardio that keeps you engaged and ALSO gets you fitter! 

Practical Protein Guide:

Overcome the obstacles to the one thing that will move the needle a ton on your nutrition, leading to better physique, performance, and energy: protein! Packed with how-to’s, meal building ideas, and practical advice for getting protein on the road, eating differently from your family, cooking basics, and many more. 

PUMP 40 + AEROBIC 40 Bundle:

8-week progressions of lifting-only and cardio-only workouts that you can use alone or together any time. These 40-minute sessions give you the ultimate flexibility to structure your schedule to reduce burnout and enjoy life – without giving up your fitness! ($69 value)


We regularly run community challenges throughout the year, or you can take a self-guided 30 Day Challenge any time you like – the resources remain available as long as your subscription is active.

Yes! I'm Ready to PERSIST!


$ 39 USD - 2 Wk Free Trial
  • Cancel Any Time
  • Bonus Ebooks*
  • Member Specials


$ 325 USD - Auto Renew
  • Save 30%
  • Bonus Ebooks
  • Member Specials


$ 99 USD - Auto Renew
  • Save 15%
  • Bonus Ebooks
  • Member Specials

Run a Functional Bodybuilding class for your gym or group with a Gym License

*Pump 40 & Aerobic 40 excluded from free trial period


Will this challenge me enough?

Persist is for multiple levels of athletes, and you’ll be choosing loads and paces appropriate for your own level. In the PERFORM track you’ll see Olympic lifting, muscle ups, handstand walks…and also scaled versions of these movements. Conditioning is designed to push you on some days and sustain you on others – and even our advanced athletes are loving the mix.

Will it be TOO hard?

Unlike typical high intensity training, Persist emphasizes movement quality and control – so you won’t be pushed into sloppy reps before developing strength. We include scaled versions of all advanced movements, and you can choose weights and paces appropriate for your level. PILLARS is also designed to be accessible to get you going right away. Best of all, a friendly coach is just one message away if you need help.

How is this different from CrossFit?

If you’re coming from a CrossFit background, Persist will have some familiar elements – but the main goal is to look good and move well instead of simply going as fast and as hard as possible. This means you’ll gain more control over your strength and pacing – while also building visible muscle.

How is it different from bodybuilding?

The goal of bodybuilding is purely aesthetic – but repetitive bodybuilding circuits can feel boring or won’t challenge you enough with conditioning. Persist blends the best of bodybuilding with functional fitness so the workouts hit that aesthetic sweet spot and also feel fun and engaging – and carry over into other sports and daily tasks.

How is Persist different from your other programs?

Aside from working with a coach one on one, Persist is the only program where you can get ongoing training – so you can set it and forget it without scrambling to find a new program. Persist is also the only program we offer where you have a choice of multiple workouts each day.

How is Persist different from other programs out there?

Instead of random workouts (that give random results), Persist has a road map for an entire year. And every workout uses proven methods to build muscle and movement quality, while keeping you challenged to grow as an athlete (and as a person).

How much coaching will I get?

Persist is a group program, so if you are looking for an individual coach, we offer that separately. But if you are comfortable reading workouts and asking questions when you need to, you’ll have everything you need. Our coaches will answer questions within 24 hours typically, and you can also upload a video if you need a form check on a specific movement.

What if I’m injured?

If you have past nagging injuries but are cleared to train, Functional Bodybuilding gets your joints, tendons, and muscles stable and strong by developing motor control. Move with more quality and your body will thank you! You can also message a coach any time if you have concerns about modifying a workout.

Do I have the right equipment?

You can do Persist training with no equipment at all, or just a few pieces like dumbbells, kettlebells, a box or band, etc. In the Minimalist track there’s a bodyweight option for every move, so you can load or unload based on what you have. The Pillars, Pump, and Perform tracks use equipment typically found in a CrossFit gym like barbells, pull-up bar, assault bike, etc. With Persist it’s easy to substitute based on what you have.

What if I can’t train 4-5 days a week?

The PILLARS track is designed to be a shorter, less frequent training track with FBB essentials. But Persist also comes with 30-minute cardio workouts, recovery flows, and strength balance pieces that are valuable additions to an enormous variety of training scenarios, even if you don’t follow it as written week by week.

Can I mix Persist with other classes and types of training?

Persist is a complete training program where every exercise, training day, and training block is designed with an outcome in mind. When you mix in other training, it may detract from your results or defeat the purpose of the program. However, many participants do other sports alongside Persist – you can try a free trial to see how Persist fits into your needs.

Can I see a sample?

Yes! You can try Persist for two weeks absolutely free to check it out – cancel any time, or leave it rolling and you’ll be billed at the end of your trial and monthly thereafter.

What if I don’t like it?

There’s no contract with Persist, so you can try it for free and cancel your subscription any time.

Can I join in the middle of a training block?

Absolutely. While Persist builds from week to week, you don’t need to wait for a new training block before jumping in. Settle in, get the feel of the workouts, and you’ll be in the swing of things in no time.

What if I go on vacation or have to miss workouts?

The Minimalist track makes it easy to keep moving on the go – but if you need to miss workouts, no worries. You can scroll back to past workouts in TrueCoach, or just stay with the program wherever we are and you’ll catch up in no time. You can also manage your subscription any time with no hassle.

Try Persist, Risk Free

You can try Persist absolutely free for two weeks – and get the full experience. Jump into the Facebook group where I’ll be waiting with our warm and welcoming athlete community to greet you.

Check off a workout, say hi to your coach, and get 14 days of look good move well workouts, training notes, and lifestyle lessons – without paying a single cent.

Don’t like it? Cancel any time – or roll right into your training and let the gainz train begin.

What are you doing in the gym tomorrow?


$ 39 USD - 2 Wk Free Trial
  • Cancel Any Time
  • Bonus Ebooks*
  • Member Specials


$ 325 USD - Auto Renew
  • Save 30%
  • Bonus Ebooks
  • Member Specials


$ 99 USD - Auto Renew
  • Save 15%
  • Bonus Ebooks
  • Member Specials

Run a Functional Bodybuilding class for your gym or group with a Gym License