Look Good. Move Well.

Fall in love with fitness - and avoid burnout and injury.

I asked thousands of people just like you what gives them confidence, and they said:

  • Liking how they look
  • Freedom from injuries
  • Feeling strong, powerful, and athletic in sport and life
  • Making progress week after week

So why are so many workout programs delivering…

  • “No Pain No Gain” intensity that beats you up and burns you out
  • No way to know if you’re pushing hard enough to make progress
  • Random workouts that only give random results?
"Over the past couple years, I had less interest in destroying myself with stuff like Fran. That’s when I found Marcus and FBB...I fell in love with the programming. I’m up ~5 lbs of what must be muscle because pants fit tighter in the quads and shirts fit tighter in the chest. I’ve also noticed an increase in fitness."
Chase C.


A complete Functional Bodybuilding training program to get fit AND build eye popping muscle:

  • even if you only have a couple dumbbells – or no equipment at all
  • even if you have limited time to train
  • even if you get bored super easily

and especially if you’ve crushed yourself with punishing workouts, and STILL don’t look and move the way you want.

Avoid spinning your wheels and wondering why you’re working so hard – only to end up injured, drained, and second-guessing your plan. It’s time to put your training in the hands of an expert and finally love the way you look and move.

Start getting stronger today


When you join Persist, you’ll get 4 training tracks you can access from any device, all included with your subscription – there’s always something new to explore. (Plus bonus Ebooks, nutrition, and more.)


Log your progress week by week and get coaching tips, form reviews, support for your questions, and high fives on our community board


Every workout builds on the last, so you can see and feel your strength, skills, and athleticism growing – keeping motivation high.

I got my first pull up today!!! Been doing this program for a short while and it feels great.
New PR Alert! (Power Clean - 200#)

Build visible muscle

Are you working hard enough to build muscle – without getting hurt?

Doing lots of cardio, but not seeing a sculpted look?

Or doing high intensity workouts that put you on the floor – but don’t change your body over time?

To build lean muscle, you need:

  • Enough reps and sets of each area…
  • Working hard enough to see change…
  • But NOT so hard you get hurt…
  • Without wasting your time on moves that won’t work (or will bore you to tears).
Build Visible Muscle
"Absolutely LOVE this program! I’m a 50 year old woman who has always been active but I’m also kinda slender and have never really put a lot of muscle on. This is my first 8 weeks of Pump and I am actually seeing real gains!!!!! I’ve never been so excited to get to the gym and lift/train!"

Done For you Plan

Persist balances every day, week, and training cycle to hit all areas of your body. Build lean muscle from head to toe without overuse injuries or neglecting any one part.

You don’t have to spend endless hours putting together the perfect plan.

Just open your training and jump right in.

Demystify Muscle

End the confusion of choosing loads and knowing how hard to push in your workout.

Persist coaches you on when to work hard and when to dial back, so you get the perfect dose to build muscle.

Feel confident every session that you didn’t waste your time.

"Want to thank Marcus for talking me into joining FBB two years ago. With proper nutrition and your workouts I have accomplished a look and a feel that I didn’t think I could get to! I’ll be 61 in December and never felt or looked better. Thanks again!!!

Resilient and injury free

Want to stay injury free forever? Me too. So what causes tweaks and training injuries in the first place?

Injuries in fitness are frequently caused by STRESS:

  • Training stress that creates wear and tear on your body
  • Not enough good nutrition, hydration, and sleep
  • Life stress from trying to train like a beast, conquer the world at work, AND have time for your friends and family too

If you want to look good and move well for a long time, you’ll need strong, stable joints. You’ll need to move in any direction (like reaching for those socks you dropped). And you’ll need to be strong in short and long ranges of motion.

Warmup and PreP

Every Persist session starts with a thoughtful warmup that's relevant for the training of the day. No half-hearted PVC pass-throughs here.

joint Strength and stability

Get strong and stable in every direction. Slow, controlled lifts for joint and tendon strength. Short and long ranges of motion. Dedicated time for cranky knees, ankles, hips, shoulders, and more.

Built-in Physical Therapy

FBB Coach Adam is a Doctor of Physical Therapy and is passionate about helping you move better. Find his recovery day flows and mobility routines for every area of your body baked right into the daily training. Or use the video Mobility Library when your body needs some extra love.

I came back to FBB 4 months ago with a chronic tendinitis of the right shoulder after 14 months of powerlifting and 2 months of Oly lifts only. Finally today I was able to do 6 sets of 3 ring dips without pain and great control. I am grateful to be on this journey with everyone else who is enjoying it as much as I am.
I am totally amazed how many of the workouts seem to be tailored for my situation - zoomed in on my feet as well as my hip (which I believe was the root cause for my original achilles rupture). I would argue that the Persist program is the most effective way for athletes in my situation, trying to get from "good" to "great" again.
Thank you for including so many exercises that help with strength and stability! My shoulder feels stronger today than it did before my injury.

Confident to crush anything

When your fitness program works well, you wake up with a spring in your step, excited to train and get after your day.

You know exactly what to do to keep making progress.

And you can use your body however you want:

  • Learn or improve skills like pistol squats, pull ups, Olympic lifting, and more
  • Express your athleticism by picking up a new sport at the drop of a hat
  • Run a marathon – or run after your kids without losing steam

It sounds unbelievable, but these are exactly the things Persist participants have done:

MARCUS does it AGAIN! With this amazing freaking programming. Former competitive OCR athlete and bodybuilder turned Marcus worshipper - been doing the Pump track for a year now and added runs and some additional grip back in to prep for some races. This past weekend was one of the hardest Spartan races there is: Palmerton. I’ve done it many times. I came back this weekend to support my boyfriend at his first (poor soul) and have fun. I am so stoked. Tempo work has helped me slow down and think about what I’m doing, and my strength is by far the best it’s ever been. Not to mention my body is nimble and flexible and SOUND. Let’s go!!!!!! Functional fitness - this is it.
This is big skill progress for me. I couldn’t walk on my hands or do muscle ups in April and now I’m doing them in supersets each week!!
I gotta say I’m loving it! I’m 40 and still want to run circles around everyone around me, but doing strictly crossfit had me more tired than I wanted. Doing your program has had me feeling really good and I’m starting to see some good results! Thank you and keep it up!
155# squat clean PR and there is room for so much more I think!! Felt strong 💪

Train on your schedule

Nothing zaps away motivation like feeling you just can’t keep up.

Aggressive workout plans are unrealistic for busy lives. To make training sustainable, you need to be able to get something in quick when life gets hectic.

Persist includes 5x/week training, plus an additional recovery day, for when you have the time. 

And you can keep making progress even when you need a quick workout:

Short on Time

These daily notes in our full-length workouts tell you exactly what to prioritize to finish in 60 minutes or less

Cover the bases

The Pillars track, included with Persist, has fewer, shorter workouts to cover all the bases of strength and conditioning in 60 minutes, 4x/week

30-40 min Options

Persist includes bonus Ebooks for 30 and 40 minute cardio-only workouts, plus 40-minute lifting-only workouts you can pair with other activities

I just fell in love with the programs! I have a very busy schedule but training is one of my priorities in my life and being able to choose different programs and adjust them as needed as been an enormous stress reliever for me! Before, whenever I had to workout from home, I knew I wasnt going to have a good workout and I felt pressured to always hit the gym. Now, I know that regardless of if I have time to make it to the gym or not, Ill get a solid workout! Equipment, no equipment, short on time or not.

Train anywhere

Our schedules and locations are more mixed up than ever. Sometimes you may work from home, and sometimes you’re on the road.

As much as we’d all love a perfect gym with everything we need available, that’s just not always the reality.

Persist is built around equipment found at a typical functional fitness facility or home gym.

And it also includes the Minimalist track for dumbbell-only or bodyweight-only options.


Instead of endless burpees and running, these workouts are based on the same effective concepts as our other tracks.

You’ll build strength, stability, and mobility with a complete workout – no matter what you have available.

Traveling for work right now which caused me to switch over to the Minimalist Track for a couple of days. I LOVE my Pump track but boy I gotta tell yah, it’s sooooo relieving to know I can still get a killer workout with less equipment!
I used to fear something “minimalist” would equal “not enough work”. But having done the track for this week, it’s the perfect amount of work for the time I have before work each day, with enough energy left to still tackle my physical job without (as Marcus would say) feeling like burnt toast.
Don't sleep on Minimalist. It's perfect for having limited equipment at home and you'll get a lot better at bodyweight movements.

Flexible nutrition

Do you hear the words “good nutrition” or “clean eating” and have no idea what that looks like on a plate?

With so much conflicting nutrition advice out there, it’s more confusing than ever to know what the heck to eat to look and feel good.

When you look for guidance, you only find:

  • Rigid plans that leave out entire categories of food
  • Macro/calorie counting plans that work…until you have no time to weigh, measure, and track or are sick to death of the process
  • Restrictive plans that leave you hungry and depleted – only to hit the wall and over eat

Instead of short-term diets that send you right back to square one, Persist teaches fundamentals that you can keep up with for a lifetime:

Persist gave me tools/habits/confidence. In one year I’m down 12 lbs and 4% bf. Progress has been slow (on purpose) but permanent. By implementing a few small changes to my current habits I’ve realized I can easily weather this 2-3 weeks and am more confident headed into the holidays than I have ever been.

Practical Protein

Eating enough protein builds muscle and keeps you full longer. Nailing your protein makes a huge difference in energy and physique. Whether you're carnivore, vegan, or something in between, the Practical Protein Guide included with Persist shows you how to get it. You'll find bulk prep, shopping guides, travel hacks, recipes, and more.

Simplify Meals

No time for complicated recipes? The 5 Ingredient Meal template shows you how easy it is to eat high quality food. Best of all, you can assemble these meals in minutes. And they also help eliminate common digestive issues.

Dial It In

Are you ready for more than the basics? The Nutrition Library in Persist shows you how to build on the fundamentals. If carb cycling, intermittent fasting, or other eating styles caught your eye, give them a try. When you understand how nutrition works, you can dial up your approach whenever you want - or go back to the basics any time.

This is the first time I was able to bulk effectively while gaining minimal body fat. My waist is smaller but my weight is up so that's a win for me. I learned how to incorporate carbs into my diet better and not be scared of eating them... I also learned how to get right back on track after overeating pleasure meals because of the holiday season and not feel guilty about it.
I follow your training regimen and advice on food, prioritising protein, I’m 40 and look better than I did at 30 and I train less. You’re such a breath of fresh air in the world of crosssfit/fitness. I enjoy my training so much more and still perform well whenever I jump into a crossfit class.

Decades of Experience

Hi, I’m Marcus Filly. And I wasn’t always fit.

I played sports as a kid and began strength training as a teen, learning everything I could. I got abs for the first time ever – only to under-nourish my body and injure my back – which nagged me for years.

Next, I headed to medical school, full of optimism on helping people live healthier lives – only to meet my match at the cafeteria buffet, and pile on pounds stress eating and studying, trying to force myself down a path that wasn’t meant for me.

I dropped out and found CrossFit, and it turned out I was pretty good – thanks to my strength foundation. I coached, ran a gym, trained others, and went on to compete at the Games six times, placing 12th in the world in 2016…

But after that year of the hardest competitive training of my life, I was so burned out I could barely walk into the gym. My body was messed up, my gut was in distress from cramming down sugar for the energy to train, I had walked away from my business and had no idea what was next — and I was about to become a dad for the first time ever.

It turns out that too much stress from training, from work, and from life won’t help you look good or move well.

As seen in

As someone who loves to train, feel fit, and maintain lean muscle year round, I had to find another way.

I started Functional Bodybuilding in 2017 as a way to help my clients – and myself – enjoy training more, get better results, and be able to keep them for decades.

In Persist, you’ll find the workouts I do every week, along with thousands of athletes all around the world. I hope you’ll join us.

Start Training Today

When you join Persist, you’ll get an invitation to the Atom training platform. It’s a mobile-friendly web app you can use on any device.

Seamlessly switch between all four tracks of Persist:

  • PUMP for building muscle
  • PERFORM for getting “dangerously athletic”
  • PILLARS to cover all your bases in limited time
  • MINIMALIST for low and no-equipment workouts for any situation

Every workout includes warmup, strength, conditioning, and cool-down.


Which Persist track is your perfect fit?

You'll Also Get:

  • Community board in Atom, plus the Functional Bodybuilding Facebook group
  • Athlete support to answer your questions, plus self-serve help articles for quick reference
  • Video form reviews – upload your video in Atom and a coach will give you feedback
  • Video Mobility Library with routines to feel amazing from our in-house PT
  • Demo and Coach Breakdown videos to learn and refine your movement
  • Nutrition library and Practical Protein Ebook
  • Bonus Ebooks for short cardio and lifting-only sessions

Yes! I'm ready to PERSIST


$ 39 USD - 2 Wk Free Trial
  • Cancel Any Time
  • Bonus Ebooks
  • Member Specials


$ 325 USD - Auto Renew
  • Save 30%
  • Bonus Ebooks
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$ 99 USD - Auto Renew
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Run a Functional Bodybuilding class for your gym or group with a Gym License


Will this challenge me enough?

Persist is for multiple levels of athletes, and you’ll be choosing loads and paces appropriate for your own level. In the PERFORM track you’ll see Olympic lifting, muscle ups, handstand walks…and also scaled versions of these movements. Conditioning is designed to push you on some days and sustain you on others – and even our advanced athletes are loving the mix.

Will it be TOO hard?

Unlike typical high intensity training, Persist emphasizes movement quality and control – so you won’t be pushed into sloppy reps before developing strength. We include scaled versions of all advanced movements, and you can choose weights and paces appropriate for your level. PILLARS is also designed to be accessible to get you going right away. Best of all, a friendly coach is just one message away if you need help.

How is this different from CrossFit?

If you’re coming from a CrossFit background, Persist will have some familiar elements – but the main goal is to look good and move well instead of simply going as fast and as hard as possible. This means you’ll gain more control over your strength and pacing – while also building visible muscle.

How is it different from bodybuilding?

The goal of bodybuilding is purely aesthetic – but repetitive bodybuilding circuits can feel boring or won’t challenge you enough with conditioning. Persist blends the best of bodybuilding with functional fitness so the workouts hit that aesthetic sweet spot and also feel fun and engaging – and carry over into other sports and daily tasks.

How is Persist different from your other programs?

Aside from working with a coach one on one, Persist is the only program where you can get ongoing training – so you can set it and forget it without scrambling to find a new program. Persist is also the only program we offer where you have a choice of multiple workouts each day.

How is Persist different from other programs out there?

Instead of random workouts (that give random results), Persist has a road map for an entire year. And every workout uses proven methods to build muscle and movement quality, while keeping you challenged to grow as an athlete (and as a person).

How much coaching will I get?

Persist is a group program, so if you are looking for an individual coach, we offer that separately. But if you are comfortable reading workouts and asking questions when you need to, you’ll have everything you need. Our coaches will answer questions within 24 hours typically, and you can also upload a video if you need a form check on a specific movement.

What if I’m injured?

If you have past nagging injuries but are cleared to train, Functional Bodybuilding gets your joints, tendons, and muscles stable and strong by developing motor control. Move with more quality and your body will thank you! You can also message a coach any time if you have concerns about modifying a workout.

Do I have the right equipment?

You can do Persist training with no equipment at all, or just a few pieces like dumbbells, kettlebells, a box or band, etc. In the Minimalist track there’s a bodyweight option for every move, so you can load or unload based on what you have. The Pillars, Pump, and Perform tracks use equipment typically found in a CrossFit gym like barbells, pull-up bar, assault bike, etc. With Persist it’s easy to substitute based on what you have.

What if I can’t train 4-5 days a week?

The PILLARS track is designed to be a shorter, less frequent training track with FBB essentials. But Persist also comes with cardio-only and lifting-only workout Ebooks, recovery flows, and strength balance pieces that are valuable additions to an enormous variety of training scenarios, even if you don’t follow it as written week by week. You can also train on your own schedule by selecting a workout anywhere on the calendar.

Can I mix Persist with other classes and types of training?

Persist is a complete training program where every exercise, training day, and training block is designed with an outcome in mind. When you mix in other training, it may detract from your results or defeat the purpose of the program. However, many participants do other sports alongside Persist – you can try a free trial to see how Persist fits into your needs.

Can I see a sample?

Yes! You can try Persist for two weeks absolutely free to check it out – cancel any time, or leave it rolling and you’ll be billed at the end of your trial and monthly thereafter.

What if I don’t like it?

There’s no contract with Persist, so you can try it for free and cancel your subscription any time.

Can I join in the middle of a training block?

Absolutely. While Persist builds from week to week, you don’t need to wait for a new training block before jumping in. Settle in, get the feel of the workouts, and you’ll be in the swing of things in no time.

What if I go on vacation or have to miss workouts?

The Minimalist track makes it easy to keep moving on the go – but if you need to miss workouts, no worries. You can select a workout anywhere on the calendar to train on your own schedule. You can also manage your subscription any time with no hassle.

Try Persist, Risk Free

You can try Persist absolutely free for two weeks – and get the full experience. Jump into the Facebook group where I’ll be waiting with our warm and welcoming athlete community to greet you.

Check off a workout, say hi to your coach, and get 14 days of look good move well workouts, training notes, and lifestyle lessons – without paying a single cent.

Don’t like it? Cancel any time – or roll right into your training and let the gainz train begin.

What are you doing in the gym tomorrow?


$ 39 USD - 2 Wk Free Trial
  • Cancel Any Time
  • Bonus Ebooks
  • Member Specials


$ 325 USD - Auto Renew
  • Save 30%
  • Bonus Ebooks
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$ 99 USD - Auto Renew
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Run a Functional Bodybuilding class for your gym or group with a Gym License

Have more questions? Just use the chat bubble on this page to get in touch.