Co-hosted by Marcus Filly, founder of Functional Bodybuilding and CEO of Revival Strength, and his business partner and CMO, Satya Inayat Khan. New episodes are released on Fridays covering training, nutrition, lifestyle, and the mindset of the Thinking Athlete. Want to submit a question or podcast topic? Email us or leave a voice message on Speakpipe.

Latest episode

Strongman and Evaluating Training Styles

A listener wants to know: what are our thoughts on Strongman? And how do we evaluate any training style for efficacy, aesthetics, and whether it’s worth our time? We’ll cover the bases of a sound training approach, and how to make them work with the activities that catch your eye.

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No Regrets: Fitness Vs. Family

A recent question we asked our email list provoked many emotional responses. Do you feel torn between prioritizing yourself, and prioritizing those around you – especially when it’s time to squeeze your fitness in? You’re certainly not alone, so join the conversation in this episode. Brought to you by Airwaav – try a performance mouthpiece

How We Create a Training Program

Take a peek behind the curtain at the Functional Bodybuilding lab. Want to know how we create a new training program like our latest release, PUMP 40? From idea to training design to product creation and marketing, we’ll take you through every step – and stumble. Sponsored by Vivo Barefoot – get a special listener

The 2×2 Rule: A Minimum Dose for Maintaining Muscle

Want to hit the gym fast and get on with your life – while maintaining the muscle you have? Different times of the year call for different types of training. And since summer is in full swing, we’re making it simple to follow one rule for getting the minimum effective dose for muscle. https://youtu.be/x6PbYBCR11A



Marcus founded Revival Strength & Functional Bodybuilding after 6 appearances at the CrossFit Games and decades of coaching athletes remotely and in person. He enjoys coffee, mountain biking, and wearing matching pajamas with his family.


Satya joined Revival Strength & Functional Bodybuilding in 2016 to develop and launch online training programs after a freelance career in web development and marketing. She enjoys snatching, roller skating, and 1960's advertising books.