Co-hosted by Marcus Filly, founder of Functional Bodybuilding and CEO of Revival Strength, and his business partner and CMO, Satya Inayat Khan. New episodes are released on Fridays covering training, nutrition, lifestyle, and the mindset of the Thinking Athlete. Want to submit a question or podcast topic? Email us or leave a voice message on Speakpipe.

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FBB vs. Competitive CrossFit

Functional Bodybuilding is all about looking good and moving well – but what if you want to compete? Today we’re talking about the missing variable for competing, and how to apply it to your training. Plus: how competitive CrossFitters really get their amazing physiques, and what you can take away for yourself.


Nutrition Myths – And What Actually Works

How often do you stop and reconsider everything you’ve learned about nutrition through labels, advertising, and social media? Let’s take a look at some common nutrition beliefs with a fresh eye to cut through the noise and stay focused on what works. Sponsored by LMNT – visit https://drinklmnt.com/marcusfilly to get your free sample pack! https://youtu.be/f5ge1lGCJ9E

New Year Who Dis

Is it time to reinvent yourself for the new year — especially when it comes to your health and fitness? With a lens of seeing thousands of people start fresh in January, we’ll highlight the themes of those who maintain their success well into the year and beyond. Brought to you by Vivo -visit https://www.vivobarefoot.com/us/lookgoodmovewell for

Practical Protein

It’s the magic macronutrient that will help you gain muscle, get lean, burn more calories, and diminish cravings. But are you really getting enough protein in your day? And how much is too much? We want to get you on the path to protein success – so today we’re answering your pressing questions, from quantity



Marcus founded Revival Strength & Functional Bodybuilding after 6 appearances at the CrossFit Games and decades of coaching athletes remotely and in person. He enjoys coffee, mountain biking, and wearing matching pajamas with his family.


Satya joined Revival Strength & Functional Bodybuilding in 2016 to develop and launch online training programs after a freelance career in web development and marketing. She enjoys snatching, roller skating, and 1960's advertising books.