Co-hosted by Marcus Filly, founder of Functional Bodybuilding and CEO of Revival Strength, and his business partner and CMO, Satya Inayat Khan. New episodes are released on Fridays covering training, nutrition, lifestyle, and the mindset of the Thinking Athlete. Want to submit a question or podcast topic? Email us or leave a voice message on Speakpipe.

Latest episode

Are You Really Under Eating?

What’s the best way to educate clients about under eating? First, let’s look at the whole picture. When desired changes aren’t happening, there are several levers to pull among nutrition, training, and lifestyle – so make sure you pick the right one first.

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Hot Takes On Your Questions

You asked, we answered. Energy drinks and the mid-day slump, sauna and recovery tools, taking a deload, and whether a performance program can build a great physique. Submit your questions for the next round! Sponsored by Vivo Barefoot – get a special listener offer at https://www.vivobarefoot.com/us/lookgoodmovewell https://youtu.be/Y6U1vRf7f8M

Tim Ferris’s Favorite Questions

Favorite purchases under $100, recent failures, favorite books, and the ultimate billboard. It’s a Tim Ferris style interview through a health and fitness lens. https://youtu.be/bO-iSVKz3as

If You Can Eat Anything, Why Wouldn’t You?

Eat anything and not gain weight? Sounds like a dream – but there are more reasons than body composition to keep sugar, alcohol, and indulgent foods in check. Today we explore the less-discussed impacts of unhealthy food. https://youtu.be/UwutatI_0HI



Marcus founded Revival Strength & Functional Bodybuilding after 6 appearances at the CrossFit Games and decades of coaching athletes remotely and in person. He enjoys coffee, mountain biking, and wearing matching pajamas with his family.


Satya joined Revival Strength & Functional Bodybuilding in 2016 to develop and launch online training programs after a freelance career in web development and marketing. She enjoys snatching, roller skating, and 1960's advertising books.