Co-hosted by Marcus Filly, founder of Functional Bodybuilding and CEO of Revival Strength, and his business partner and CMO, Satya Inayat Khan. New episodes are released on Fridays covering training, nutrition, lifestyle, and the mindset of the Thinking Athlete. Want to submit a question or podcast topic? Email us or leave a voice message on Speakpipe.

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Underrated/Overrated: Training

Following up on the Nutrition version of this topic, we’re weighing in on minimalist training shoes, max effort lifting, fasted cardio, and more. What’s totally overrated, and what should you try out next in your fitness journey? Join us and let us know if you have other questions on what’s totally overrated in training, and what you might be overlooking.


Underrated/Overrated: Nutrition

We’re hitting you today with nutrition themes and our opinion on whether to skip them or give them a go. Should you incorporate cheat meals, time nutrients around training, or swap a big gooey brownie with the “healthy” version? Listen in to see where we stand on how nutrition fits into the Look Good Move

Values Factor, Fitness Edition

Has anyone ever told you that you care about fitness too much? Today we’re talking about unexpected benefits and experiences around prioritizing fitness in your life. Make your own rules, leave judgment behind, and listen in.

Self Talk in Training

Coming face to face with a tough workout or competition brings up anxiety and fear for everyone. So what can you actually do to make it better? Today we’re talking about the moment Marcus wanted to quit, as well as the smaller tips and tricks we use to get us through blah days or intimidating



Marcus founded Revival Strength & Functional Bodybuilding after 6 appearances at the CrossFit Games and decades of coaching athletes remotely and in person. He enjoys coffee, mountain biking, and wearing matching pajamas with his family.


Satya joined Revival Strength & Functional Bodybuilding in 2016 to develop and launch online training programs after a freelance career in web development and marketing. She enjoys snatching, roller skating, and 1960's advertising books.