Co-hosted by Marcus Filly, founder of Functional Bodybuilding and CEO of Revival Strength, and his business partner and CMO, Satya Inayat Khan. New episodes are released on Fridays covering training, nutrition, lifestyle, and the mindset of the Thinking Athlete. Want to submit a question or podcast topic? Email us or leave a voice message on Speakpipe.

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Special Episode With Ben Patrick (@kneesovertoesguy)

Today I’m joined by my friend and special guest Ben Patrick, who has gotten thousands of people out of knee pain and is a dedicated athlete, coach, and business owner. We’re discussing how we learn and experiment on ourselves as athletes, and translate that into programs that we share with athletes and clients all around the world. Enjoy this inside look into what goes into training, eating, and developing programs for a wider audience.


Shiny Objects and the Long Game

With a new Cardio Challenge coming to our Persist program, we revisit the theme of endless options in the fitness landscape and how to choose what to bring into your training. When do you stay with the tried and true, and when do you add more on? Choose your own adventure with the tips in

Calculating Macros: Breakdown and Tips

Ever use a macro calculator to dial in your nutrient intake or understand your daily calorie requirements? Despite those precise-looking numbers, arriving at a formula that works for your real life isn’t an exact science. We’ll walk you through the inner workings of calculating macros, how to avoid common mistakes in the process, and what

better at crossfit

Should Staying Lean Feel Easy?

If you’re past the point of an aggressive weight loss plan, you may be wondering what it takes to sustain a lean physique. Does it have to be a daily struggle with hunger, cravings, and food prep, or should it feel like a breeze? Let’s get real – and talk about what it really takes



Marcus founded Revival Strength & Functional Bodybuilding after 6 appearances at the CrossFit Games and decades of coaching athletes remotely and in person. He enjoys coffee, mountain biking, and wearing matching pajamas with his family.


Satya joined Revival Strength & Functional Bodybuilding in 2016 to develop and launch online training programs after a freelance career in web development and marketing. She enjoys snatching, roller skating, and 1960's advertising books.