ground bison vs. ground beef


Ground bison is a staple in my diet and is packed with protein and flavor. But a lot of people I know didn’t grow up eating it, and aren’t familiar with where to buy and how to use it. So let me show you some ways to cook with ground bison and why it’s a great addition to your meal planning.

what's the difference?

I am certainly in favor of consuming animal fats in your diet if you do eat meat. But if you want to have fats from other foods during the day, bison gives you the option to do so without going overboard. If you eat a fatty cut of meat, you have less room for things like extra butter, cheese, or cream in your coffee. Bison lets you have your meat and eat your peanut butter too. (Hopefully not together…but I won’t judge.)

Remember, getting enough protein is one of the easiest ways to build more muscle and feel full throughout the day. So eating a variety of proteins will make this goal easier. If you can’t stand the thought of yet another chicken breast, it might be time to open your mind to new varieties.

Not sure how much protein is right for you? Try our free macro calculator to get your daily recommendation.


is ground bison easy to digest?

Yes it is! Bison is not gamey and has a similar flavor profile to ground beef, with a note of sweetness. There is no aftertaste, and the texture is soft and not dry or chewy at all. Many recipes for ground beef work equally well with ground bison, if not better.

If you have a red meat allergy, you may be in luck with ground bison. It is non-allergenic, not inflammatory, and generally easy to digest.

where to buy ground bison

Fortunately, many grocery stores have ground bison readily available in the refrigerated meat section. You can even buy it in bulk at Costco. Bison freezes and defrosts easily, just like ground beef.

When sourcing meat, always look for the highest quality you can afford – that means grass fed and organic wherever possible. I especially like to support White Oak Pastures  for their sustainability practices and quality selection, including organ meats. Butcher Box is another good source if you want to make shopping easy and get quality meat delivered to your door. Additionally, if Imperfect Foods services your area, you can get bison as well as fresh produce and many other foods delivered weekly.

bison recipes

1. Bison Burger

Shape ground bison into 6 oz. burger patties, and sprinkle lightly with salt and pepper. Cook over medium-high heat in your favorite fat source (butter, avocado oil, etc.) or on its own in a cast iron pan, flipping patties after about 3-4 minutes until they reach 160 degrees F. Also delicious on the grill.

2. Bison and Eggs

Cook bison as above and serve for breakfast with eggs any style for a protein punch! You can also make a Filly Frittata with ground bison, an excellent meal prep option.

3. Bison Meatballs

Mix up ground bison with 1 egg per pound of bison, and some finely diced bell pepper, onion, and/or garlic. Bison holds italian seasoning particularly well, so you can add a couple tablespoons of fresh parsley and a teaspoon of oregano in addition to salt and pepper. 

Bake on a sheet pan lined with foil at 400 degrees F for about 15 minutes, turning halfway through, until they reach 160 degrees. 

4. Bison in a 5 Ingredient Meal

Honestly, my favorite way to consume protein is seasoned and cooked very simply alongside a vegetable, starch if you like, a fat source, and perhaps a fruit. I call this the 5 ingredient meal and it’s been my secret to good body composition, energy, performance, and digestion for years. You can learn more about how I cook and prepare my food in the videos below. And be sure to sign up for my email list for free nutrition and training resources weekly.

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