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Build muscle and fitness without wrecking your body

Join 10,000+ subscribers building muscle in Persist

Build muscle and fitness without wrecking your body

Join 10,000+ subscribers building lean muscle

Persist is the training plan that...

  • Visibly shapes your body with muscle growing workouts
  • Gets you strong and fit as hell
  • Leaves burnout and injuries behind!
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"From 183 lbs and not happy with body comp to 169 and shredded!"
Chase C.
Chase C.
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"I’m up ~5 lbs of what must be muscle because pants fit tighter in the quads and shirts fit tighter in the chest. I’ve also noticed an increase in fitness."
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"With proper nutrition and your workouts I have accomplished a look and a feel that I didn’t think I could get to! I’ll be 61 in December and never felt or looked better."
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"New PR Alert!" (Power Clean - 200#)

How Persist Works

Choose your plan

Get immediate access to all 5 muscle-building training tracks. After signup, take a short quiz to learn exactly where to start to reach your goals faster. As a bonus, get 94 extra workouts to keep just for trying Persist!

Start Training Today

Follow the workouts and demo videos to build muscle and fitness in commercial gyms, functional fitness gyms, or at home. Persist includes warmups, strength, conditioning, and mobility to keep you feeling amazing. Friendly coaches support you along the way.

Build Lean Muscle

Watch your strength and muscle grow, week after week! Log workouts in Persist to see your fitness increase. Use the included meal plan guides and recipes, sent immediately after signup, for even faster transformation.

Persist Includes...

🖐️ 5 Training Tracks – Banish boredom with a mix of workout styles, all designed to build muscle. Never repeat the same workout twice. Take a short quiz to find the perfect track for your goals.

🧘  Built-in Mobility – Don’t let injury slow down your gains. Warmups, cool downs, and rest day flows strengthen joints and help keep nagging pains away, without taking tons of time.

👌  Personal Form Feedback – Build muscle faster when you hit perfect positions. Upload videos and get pointers from a coach.

🗓️  Flexible Schedule – Follow daily programming to build muscle 4-5 days per week, plus optional recovery days. Or use the workout calendar to train whenever you like.

✈️  Train Anywhere – Persist includes equipment options to build muscle in conventional gyms, functional fitness facilities, home or hotel gyms, or with no equipment at all. Never miss a chance to build muscle because you can’t get to the gym.

When Friends Say "WOW!"

"I've had 5 different people come up to me and say, 'Wow, looks like you've been hitting the gym."

Scott Henniger

"Just podiumed a local comp. I feel lighter but I feel strong as hell." 

Matt Neid

"I'm a firefighter and having the options to access a variety of workouts/equipment is exactly what I need."

Zach Stover

"It's changed my life. I've never been able to train so consistently with zero injury and with these kinds of results."


"It blends a lot of principles I use with my physical therapy patients. My body is feeling great as I am getting stronger."

Kevin Lapham

How Persist Compares

Designed By An Expert

Marcus Filly founded Functional Bodybuilding in 2017 after appearing 6x at the CrossFit Games. Looking for a way to heal nagging injuries and recover motivation, he combined classic bodybuilding methods with the fun of functional fitness. Marcus has over 20 years experience as a professional athlete and coach, and has been profiled in Men’s Health magazine, among other publications.

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  • Bonus Ebooks + Nutrition
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  • 5 Tracks + Workshops
  • Bonus Ebooks + Nutrition
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  • Look Good - Move Well

Persist Bonuses

Build muscle and aerobic fitness in even more ways with:

  • PUMP 40 – Muscle building workouts that take 40 minutes. Use the 8-week build or choose a workout any time. (Also available as a workshop in the app.)
  • AEROBIC 40 – The fun cardio companion to PUMP 40 – or use these 40-minute aerobic workouts on their own.
  • CARDIO 30/30 – If you love a quicker cardio workout, these 30-minute sessions build your aerobic engine in less time.
  • PRACTICAL PROTEIN – Build muscle and lose fat faster when you dial in your protein. Recipes, pantry guides, and practical tips for eating protein on the road!

Get all 4 Ebooks ($156 Value) with 94 workouts plus practical protein recipes as your gift with any Persist subscription! Simply sign up for the program and they’ll be delivered in email and the app.


The PILLARS and MINIMALIST track are 4 days, and the PERFORM and PUMP tracks are all 5, plus optional recovery days. Persist includes instructions to optimize your muscle build if you need to train fewer times per week.

60 minutes for PILLARS or MINIMALIST, 75-90 for PERFORM or PUMP. Each workout includes Short on Time notes if you need to get it in quicker. Persist also comes with the PUMP 40 E-book for 40-minute muscle-building sessions.

MINIMALIST uses dumbbells, a bench/box, and pull-up bar, or see the bodyweight-only workshop for alternatives. The other tracks use free weights such as barbells/plates, DBs, KBs, etc. and a rower, bike, or similar alternative. Substitution info is provided. PUMP LIFT also includes machine options found at conventional gyms.

Athletes who get the most out of Persist are comfortable following a written workout along with demo videos, and ask questions if they’re not sure. You’ll find a mix of muscle-building techniques like tempo, supersets, drop sets, etc. Detailed coach notes are provided, and athlete support is here to help! Persist also includes an on-ramp workshop (FBB 101) to introduce you to this style of training.

Cancel or switch plans any time through the My Account section of our website with zero hassle! After cancellation, your account will remain active until the day before your next billing date – no further action required.

Persist includes 5 tracks plus optional workshops and bonus Ebooks:

  • PUMP LIFT – build muscle with machine options (no conditioning)
  • PUMP CONDITION – build muscle with conditioning
  • PERFORM – build muscle with a functional fitness feel, including Olympic lifting and gymnastics
  • PILLARS – build muscle fewer days per week in shorter sessions
  • MINIMALIST – build muscle with dumbbells and a pull-up bar

There are so many ways to build muscle, you’ll never get bored. Take our track quiz to find your perfect starting place, and explore as much as you like. Athlete support is always happy to make a recommendation for your next move.

Injuries suck – so we try to keep them away through thoughtful movement selection. Many participants have healed nagging injuries by using the warmups, cooldowns, and recovery flows designed by our in-house Physical Therapist. Additional mobility videos are also included in Persist’s video library. And athlete support can answer any questions that might come up.

Persist updates training weekly, so there’s always a new way to build muscle. If you miss a workout, you can skip it to stay with the group, or use the calendar feature to go back to it any time.

Of course! Functional Bodybuilding welcomes participants of all genders. We also have many couples in our community. Refer a friend to include your special someone and get a discount for both of you!

Marcus Filly founded Functional Bodybuilding in 2017 after competing in the CrossFit Games 6 times. He writes all the workouts drawing on his vast experience as an athlete, gym owner, and coach for 20+ years. Dr. Adam Fetter, DPT, assists with mobility work to keep your body humming.

Access Persist from any device using the Atom training platform. You won’t find Atom on the app store – you’ll get a link to access Persist immediately after signup, and you can then save Atom to your home screen for one-tap access to training.

Yes! In addition to Atom, you’ll receive a weekly pdf of training if you need to work out away from online access, or prefer not to have your phone with you.

Persist includes a bonus Nutrition Resource Library to teach you sustainable ways to fuel your training. No fad diets – our approach works with any eating style and is based on quantity, quality, and protein. You’ll also receive the Practical Protein Ebook for recipes and tips for getting more of the most important macro.

Join the Functional Bodybuilding Facebook group to chat with tens of thousands of fellow athletes in our active, moderated community. And post your scores in Atom to the Community Board for some friendly competition.

Persist will never leave you hanging. Use the chat bubble on this page to reach customer service any time. Within Atom, use the chat bubble to reach athlete support for any and all training questions, or just to get a high five! We usually respond within 24 hours, if not much sooner.

More questions? Use the chat bubble on this page to get in touch or search our article help library.

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