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Pillars of Functional Bodybuilding

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Tempo takes a little practice, but you’ll see it everywhere in FBB. Mastering tempo will supercharge your results – so let’s look at some examples. Read more…

How to follow strength formats that use multiple exercises with rest in between. Read more…

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FBB approaches loading a bit differently – here’s how to develop a feel for choosing the right weights for your working sets and conditioning. Read more…

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Exploring Persist

The Pillars track is the best place to start if you’re new to Functional Bodybuilding. Before you add on, make sure you’re comfortable with FBB training formats and ready for longer and more frequent sessions. 

For best results, we recommend sticking with one track for at least a 6 week training cycle as the training is progressive. But if you’d like to mix tracks for variety, exploration, or incorporating minimalist training, you are also welcome to do so.


Look Good, Move Well
60 minutes
4 days/week
Full equipment (simple setups)
Best place to start FBB

Build Visible Muscle


Build visible muscle
75 minutes*
5 days/week
Full equipment
*Includes Short on Time options


Athleticism & Performance
90 minutes*
5 days/week
Full equipment & Olympic lifts
*Includes Short on Time options

Look Good & Move Well


Combo of Pump & Perform
60-75 minutes
5 days/week
Low & no equipment
Great for travel

Conditioning & Pacing

Click to enlarge for an equivalent in calories or meters for running, rowing, bike, etc. Read more for further bodyweight movement substitutions.

Reading Conditioning Formats

Are you seeing an unfamiliar format in your conditioning workout? Get more details on:

  • Movement Ladders
  • AMRAPs, EMOMs, & Variations
    Every 75sec x 8 sets
  • Buy In & Cash Out
    100m Carry + 3 Sets…

How to Pace & Finish With Quality

  • Hot Start
  • Grinder Pace
  • For Quality
  • Intervals
  • Increasing Efforts
  • Sustainable Pace
What Exertion Efforts Feel Like: The TALK TEST
If someone asked you a question during training...
Can recount a TV episode 50%
Full sentence 75%
3-5 word answer 80%
1 word answer 85%
Head nod 90%
Don't look up 95%
Is someone talking? 97%
Blackout mode 100%


Persist includes follow along mobility and recovery videos on Active Recovery Days in each track. They were created by Adam Fetter, FBB Master Coach and Doctor of Physical Therapy. For your convenience, these videos are available to search and sort any time you’d like to use them in our Members Only Mobility Library. More videos will be added regularly!


Take the 30 Day Nutrition Challenge any time you like. The Nutrition Library includes all the materials you’ll need, along with daily lessons, podcasts, and further reading to build a nutrition plan that works for your level and goals.

All eating styles welcome! Tracking and non tracking options are also included.

Using ATOM

Take a tour of Atom, where you’ll find all your Persist training, the Community board, bonus Ebooks, and more. If you need any help getting your account set up, send us a message using the chat bubble on this page or search for a self-service help article.

Managing Your Subscription

Need to manage your Persist subscription or payment method? Want to switch to a 3 month or annual subscription and save? Manage your account any time in the My Account section, or reach out if you need any assistance.