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Persist now includes 5 training tracks, which you can switch between at any time. But you’ll get the best results from sticking with one style for at least a 6-week training block. Each track is designed to build on itself. 

However, you can mix and match Pump Condition & Pump Lift, depending on whether you want conditioning. You can also hop into Minimalist whenever you’re short on equipment.

Answer a few questions below to see our recommendations for where to start in Persist. Or use the chat bubble if you need more assistance. 


Look Good, Move Well
60 minutes
4 days/week
Full equipment (simple setups)
Best place to start FBB


Athleticism & Performance
90 minutes*
5 days/week
Full equipment & Olympic lifts
*Includes Short on Time options

Look Good & Move Well


Anytime, Anywhere 60-75 minutes
4 days/week
Low equipment
Great for travel


Build visible muscle
60-75 minutes*, 3 or 5 days/week
Full equipment (free weights)
Includes muscle-building conditioning
*Includes Short on Time options

Build Visible Muscle


Build visible muscle
60-75 minutes*, 3 or 5 days/week
Free weights & gym machine options
Extra hypertrophy - no conditioning
*Includes Short on Time options

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Persist Track Quiz 2
Which describes you the best?
Which of these gets you more excited?
Is your equipment limited ONLY to bodyweight and/or dumbbells/kettlebells?
Are you comfortable with tempo, supersets, choosing loads, and reading conditioning formats?
Example: 30X1 Tempo; AMRAPs, Buy-ins, etc.
Which is most important to you?

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