But boring workouts suck. Build your base with minimal equipment and time, and still enjoy the hell out of your workouts with proven, done-for-you programming.

Everyone wants to look good and move well, get big in all the right places, and take a few flexing shirtless selfies. But fitness is a lifestyle, not a one time deal – and without a plan to keep your workouts fresh and full of flavor, your gym routine is going to collect more dust in the garage than a free treadmill on Craigslist.

If you like the fun of functional fitness, the constantly changing menu of workouts is great – up to a point. The point when you get stuck trying to get those last few inches on your pull-up. Or dread the days you go overhead because you’re sick of being the only one with shoulders that shouldn’t. Maybe the regionals, sectionals, invitationals, whatever were never in your plans, and you just wanna grab something heavy, sweat out your stress, and go back to your life without making fitness your full-time job.

Even if you love the high intensity train, there are times when you need to take a step towards strength to go forward. Slowing down to fix your positions and finally make time for unilateral work and structural balance will help you train for the long haul, without injuries from overuse and that feeling of dreading the gym.


Unfortunately, the idea of strength training can call up feelings of confusion, dread, or both. And no wonder, when popular strength programs have names like “Boring But Big.” Designing a strength program that’s effective and also varied enough to be interesting is harder than it sounds. So how about a way to put on muscle that won’t require endless podcasts to distract you from how much you’d rather be home eating popcorn?


Speaking of home, not everyone has a key to a facility with all the fun toys. Life has gotten more hectic than ever, and sometimes you’ve got to get your workout in when you can – maybe with the standard hotel gym rack of dumbbells, or a few kettlebells you stash behind your couch. Kid home sick? Guess what, so are you – but that doesn’t have to mean your workout is toast.

Strength training should be accessible, using minimal equipment – and it doesn’t have to take a lot of time. You might want a program to build up your strength that you can do alongside an existing routine like classes or playing other sports. You might want to improve your base foundation of strength without too many changes to what already works for you.

Sometimes, you just need a change and a hit of of the reset button. So take a break from the high-intensity hamster wheel with a few weeks of anything-but-boring strength training that will leave you feeling stronger than ever.


Functional Bodybuilding is a proven method of training that will pop those muscles and guide you to move better, so you can get more from your training. Balance your body’s asymmetries and fix those sticking points with a variety of fun progressions that build from week to week, changing just enough to keep you coming back.

Functional Bodybuilding was founded by Marcus Filly, a 6x Games athlete and fitness coach with decades of experience training and coaching others, including competitive and professional athletes. Athletes all around the world have trained using these methods in their individual programs as well as our online group training, and surprised themselves with more gains and less pain.

Every hour-long workout (3x/week) includes a warmup that will get your brain and body fired up to train while you explore your body’s range of motion. No boring jogs on the treadmill or ho-hum reps needed! You’ll get right to work throughout the warmup on stabilizing your body in different positions while you raise your core temperature and wake up for the work ahead.

Strength training will be pieced out to tackle a full range of movement patterns – think bend, push, pull, squat, etc. instead of leg day or chest day. The workouts are structured to keep your session spicy while avoiding overtaxing any one part of your body. This will leave you feeling built, not burnt – and ready to get on with your day or come back for more.

“The pump today was unnnreal”

“I’m enjoying every workout. It is challenging me to do things that I have never done before. I love how I feel both physically and mentally.”

“The tempo work and more pressing made immediate changes in strength during CF workouts.”

“Back squats 32×1 @275 lbs. Never felt that confident in squats, honour the tempo Marcus Filly and thank you for the great program!!”

What's Inside Base Camp?

This ebook contains 8 weeks of workouts (60-minute sessions 3x/week).

There are 3 versions of the program (all included) that are interchangeable based on the equipment you have available for loading: barbell/plates and dumbbells or kettlebells, DBs only, or KBs only.

Additionally, you’ll need a box or bench, pull up bar, dip bar or rings, and a couple bands. 

All workouts include warmup, strength, and  conditioning, with specific instructions. Demo videos are available for every movement (click the name of each movement to open the video on YouTube).

Give it a try risk free with our 30 Day Guarantee!

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