Brianna Lamb began her individual design coaching career while she was living in Hawaii, competing in the sport of CrossFit as a Regional athlete. At this time in her life, her mission was to bridge the gap between function and performance. All too often she saw athletes of all performance levels falling to injury and burnout – including herself.

Prior to Hawaii, Marcus was Brianna’s training partner and coach. In Hawaii, he saw her growing passion for coaching and hired her to join him in the dream of building the Revival Strength/Functional BodyBuilding in 2017. Brianna had been an elite athlete her whole life and suffered intense burnout which manifested in the forms of decreased excitement to train, adverse body composition changes, poor libido, and poor energy balance.

Brianna knew one of her biggest dreams in life was to have a family, so fixing the consequent hormonal dysregulation became more of a priority than continuing to compete in CrossFit.The post-athlete identity crisis and subsequent mindset shift of training to perform versus training for function is something she is passionate about sharing with her clients.

Brianna is extremely passionate about setting goals and scheduling priorities with her clients. Her goal is to effectively coach clients to become the best versions of themselves through fitness, nutrition, and lifestyle coaching. Her role is to navigate every obstacle and success with you. This is NOT just a program – this is a holistic approach to your long-term health – the liaison between health care and the gym.

Brianna’s Ideal client: a high-functioning individual who respects fitness as part of the daily routine and is focused on optimization of deep health and alignment to highest priorities.

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