The FBB ID Coaching Mentorship Program puts theoretical knowledge into practice to enhance the coaches application skill set, to give them confidence in their decision making and excel in their career. By connecting coaches to FBB mentors, mentees will build tremendous confidence in their own abilities to execute and coach using the FBB methodology, and they will be even stronger brand advocates for FBB.

Who is this for?

Coaches who are already working with clients one on one and own their business or coach for another business. These coaches have prior experience and education in coaching from education platforms such as OPEX CCP, NASM, CPT, EXOS, Power Athlete and more. They want to take their theoretical knowledge and bridge the gap into the application of working with clients in an on-going and emerging coaching ecosystem to design FBB coaching programs.

What will you gain from this program?

Coaches will be able to apply the FBB core coaching competencies from a holistic perspective in an effective and efficient manner that bridges the gap between theory and application. At the end of this program, coaches will be able to apply:

  • FBB COACHING SYSTEMS: Create systems of operations that increase coaching processes efficiency and productivity
  • FBB BUSINESS SYSTEMS: Develop systems that help track, measure and scale your business
  • FBB RELATIONSHIPS: Learn how to communicate effectively to build long lasting relationships with your clients and get to the root cause
  • FBB TRAINING: Understand how to design and analyze assessments, build an iterative approach to program design and make adjustments according to client communication and outcome based feedback
  • FBB LIFESTYLE AND NUTRITION: Track and progress lifestyle and nutrition goals based off of behaviors, environmental factors, social life, beliefs and relationships and see how these fluctuate over time.

Within each of the above sections, FBB hands coaches the pre-built systems, assets, workflows, tracking tools, and relationship building tools and tactics to give coaches higher probabilities of ongoing success.


  • 10 Weeks long: Wednesday, September 14th – Wednesday November 16th
  • Weekly 2 hour group Zoom calls following the weekly curriculum
  • Examples and demonstrations of weekly topics
  • Weekly FBB handouts, homework assignments and suggested resources and reading material
  • Dedicated time for Q&A in regards to presentation materials and homework assignments
  • Group slack channel to discuss assignments with other participants and ask questions to coaches
  • Breakout group assignments


This mentorship is led by Functional Bodybuilding ID Coach, Keith DeNinno.

“My goal for this mentorship program is to help coaches optimize their efficiency and productivity within their careers. Some of the things I’ve learned I do best are create and refine processes and develop tools that help make systems run more effectively while reducing time and effort. With my background in engineering, working alongside project management roles as well my 10 year experience of coaching in person and remotely (5 years at FBB) in both individual and group environments, I’ve been able to understand how dynamic the system of coaching tends to be. I aim to help coaches identify and improve the individual elements of their system and improve their career as a result.” – Keith

Sign up today or schedule a 15 minute introductory call with Keith by clicking ‘learn more’ below. 


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