Is your conditioning work helping you look GOOD?


After decades in the fitness industry working with thousands of people, it’s no mystery that most of them simply want to look good, move well, and have energy for their day to day lives. But they’ve fallen into the trap of believing that more intensity means better results.

Since the popularity of functional fitness exploded, tons of people fell in love with challenging, heart-pumping workouts that are never the same two days in a row. And they felt fitter and got some results – to a point.

But after the noob gains ended, many were left scratching their heads and wondering, “Why am I crushing myself with these workouts, and I still don’t look the way I want?”

Maybe they’ve been mistaken about the idea of what conditioning work is supposed to do. Lift weights to build muscle and look sexy, do conditioning work for heart health and endurance.

But hold up. Without the right approach, your conditioning work could be sabotaging your efforts to look good.

Are you making these conditioning mistakes?

When conditioning work is too intense, you can suffer from:

  • Burnout and injury, preventing you from staying consistent in the gym
  • Hormonal stress responses that keep you from burning fat
  • Lack of appetite control, with your body begging you for sugar after training
  • Not burning as much energy as a longer, steady state session

The good news is that you don’t have to do boring conditioning work to look good.

You just need a smart and proven approach that will match your effort to the outcome you want.


This ebook contains 60 conditioning pieces, with 10 different themes that showcase different ways to increase your overall fitness while still building muscle and strength.

Using proven methods of bodybuilding alongside effective functional fitness training methods, these workouts will show you a range of creative applications that will open your mind to new ways of training – and get you better results.

Created by 6x CrossFit Games athlete and Functional Bodybuilding founder Marcus Filly, Functional Pump Conditioning is a fantastic way to upgrade your conditioning results – without losing muscle gains in the process. Use the workouts on their own or work off their designs to create new ways of training for yourself or your clients.

 In all of my training and fitness experiences, nothing comes close to your programing. Thank you for having such great service as well. Keep at it!
– Chris

“Your Functional Pump Conditioning Ebook is so well thought out, structured and purposeful. Kinda what I’ve grown to expect from you anyway. “


This ebook contains 10 different conditioning formats, with 6 workouts each:

  1. On the Minute – Legs + Core
  2. Advanced Gymnastics – Push/Pull Pump
  3. Fatigued Abdominal Training
  4. 5-Minute Drill Couplets
  5. Strict Carry Hold
  6. 10X KB/DB Push Pull Carry
  7. Couplet of Couplets
  8. Back to Back Buy In
  9. Upper Muscle Endurance Sets
  10. Core Carry Shoulders

You’ll also get tips on how to use the workouts, and demo videos linked for every movement.

These workouts use a range of equipment such as what you’d find in a functional fitness facility (barbell/plates, DBs and KBs, rower/assault bike, etc.). If you need to substitute, you can use the conditioning frameworks to work with what you have. Our friendly Facebook group is a great place to share movement ideas.

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