Grant grew up spending the majority of his time outside, playing sports (primarily football and basketball), and creating things. He is an avid traveler and hiker and uses his free time to learn, improve his fitness, and play music – that is, if he’s not with his friends and family, which occupies most of his free time. He developed a passion for fitness and nutrition in high school and it hasn’t left since. Fitness has served many roles in his life – a healthy practice, competition, self-improvement, even a social club. Most importantly, it allows him to do the things he loves outside of the gym. His training purpose is to be ready for whatever life throws at him and to be capable of excelling at any athletic feat or pursuit – whether that’s a triathlon, a brutal hike, or simply helping a friend move. Grant was a longtime follower of FBB before working for the company. Both in and out of college, Grant spent time interning and working with large corporations in the sales and marketing industry, where he learned a great deal and developed skills that he has taken with him into his role here at FBB as the Manager of Sales & Client Success. He is passionate about having conversations with others and helping them on their health and fitness journey.

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