• Content Marketer
  • Video Editor – Contract (Remote)
  • Video Editor – Full Time

CONTENT Marketer

Functional Bodybuilding is seeking a Content Marketer to grow our reach across several platforms and accounts.

Sample responsibilities and projects may include:

  • Social media scheduling, posting, and engagement
  • Working off a brief, creating social media campaigns to highlight key benefits of programs or products in an engaging, audience-centered way
  • Analyzing social media trends and niche accounts to identify new content ideas
  • Gathering user generated content from our audience, and featuring community members along with personal interviews and stories
  • Conducting customer research interviews and organizing findings
  • Writing persuasive and natural copy for captions and blog posts, while creating highly useful content
  • Identifying the best parts of long form videos to center short form posts around
  • Graphic design or project management of design contractors
  • Learning and keeping up to date with best practices for SEO and Youtube titles and descriptions and new social media features and platforms

The ideal candidate:

  • Has a background in fitness and is passionate about helping others live healthier lives
  • Is a strong communicator, especially in a remote environment; feels comfortable asking questions and bringing potential issues up proactively
  • Is self directed, thorough, and reliable in completing tasks on time
  • Combines data and human observations to make decisions
  • Enjoys learning, is tech-savvy, and feels positively about being immersed in social media

Relevant experience:

  • Managing at least one social media account
  • Creating social media marketing campaigns
  • Analyzing social media metrics
  • Blogging and/or graphic design (optional)

Salary & Benefits:

  • $45-75k, health & dental insurance, unlimited PTO, 401(k)

To apply:

Please send intro letter, resume, and example of a social media account you’ve worked on to [email protected].

Remote hiring in CA, IL, NC, TX, PA, FL, GA, MA, or OR

Or in-person/hybrid in San Rafael, CA


Functional Bodybuilding is seeking contract video editors to assist with a large volume of ongoing tasks. Editors may specialize in one task, or more than one. Flexible scheduling and remote, with potential for full time role if interested.

Sample Tasks:

  • Create short form videos for TikTok/Instagram Reels/YouTube Shorts, editing raw footage and enhancing for visual appeal and clarity.
  • Edit movement demo videos – requires working fitness knowledge
  • Edit full length video and audio podcasts
  • Create engaging short form videos from longer form content such as video podcasts and full length YouTube episodes.
  • Clearly communicate weekly availability, likely on a per video basis
  • Quickly and proactively communicate if unexpected scheduling conflicts arise
  • Be open to feedback – “first edit best edit” but be willing to change and adjust where needed
  • Bring your own creative ideas forward
To apply: email tasks you’re interested in and sample work to [email protected]


Functional Bodybuilding is seeking a Video Editor for ongoing daily and weekly content creation for social media. Remote position but must be available during US/Pacific working hours, and reside in one of the following states: CA, IL, NC, TX, PA, FL, GA, MA, or OR. Part time/contract to start, with opportunity to grow. For candidates local to Marin County, there is also the opportunity to shoot video and/or photography – please inquire for further details. Photo editing is also a plus.
The ideal candidate is organized, communicative, and can turn projects around quickly while following detailed specifications and existing workflows. You are open to feedback and constructive input from other members of the Marketing team, understanding the role of your work in contributing to the Functional Bodybuilding brand. You adapt to changes in social media trends quickly and understand what makes videos eye-catching. Working knowledge of fitness is a plus, or you should be able to pick it up fast (i.e. spotting the difference between a split squat and a lunge).
  • Video editing in Adobe Premiere
  • Detailed knowledge of Instagram and YouTube
  • Planoly a plus – or be able to pick up new software easily
  • Familiarity with shared file systems such as Dropbox or other media storage for small to mid sized businesses; able to follow naming conventions and file structures to keep libraries organized.
Sample Tasks:
  • Edit raw footage into story posts and videos for @marcusfilly and @functional.bodybuilding IG feeds, creating roughly 15-20 posts per week with multiple carousel slides
  • Create short highlight videos from longer content and upload to social media scheduling software in batches
  • Create screen recordings to demonstrate apps or software
  • Edit movement demo videos, upload to YouTube, and import into a second application
  • Other assorted video editing and content editing needs
To apply: email resume, cover letter, and work samples to [email protected]

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