Gain muscle, mobility and get fit from head to toe - with one simple tool


Go beyond the basic swing and the same 5 moves you see everywhere and make your workouts more fun – and way more effective.

If you’ve snapped up a kettlebell or two to keep your gains going at home, you know the kettlebell is a go-to for workouts in tight spaces – or to mix up your training at the gym.

So you’ve learned the swing, clean, snatch, press, and the good old goblet squat. Maybe you get down with a Turkish Get Up or two.

But there are thousands more movements and ways to combine them that will get you looking good and moving well – while making your workouts more fun than ever before.

Inject a fresh dose of flavor with Functional Bodybuilding – the training method that combines classic bodybuilding for aesthetics with functional training that gets you fit – and carries over into other sports (and daily life). You’ll never keep training up if you end up burned out and injured, or if you’re not seeing any progress – so we bake movement quality and care into every single session to keep you motivated and always up for more.

Get more from your kettlebells

More hypertrophy and strength. More mobility. More skill, coordination, and power. If you’ve ever wondered if there’s more you could be doing with your kettlebell, The Kettlebell Solution will open a new world of options.

Hi, I’m Marcus Filly.

You may know me as a former 6x CrossFit Games competitor, or as that shredded guy on Instagram. But when gyms shut down in early 2020, my county issued a shelter in place order, and I was just like many of you – freaked out about how to keep my gains going, scrambling to grab equipment, and wondering how to make it work at home.

I turned to my trusty kettlebells, which I’ve used in my training for years – but I started seeing them in a whole new light. The Functional Bodybuilding community was clamoring for at-home workouts, so I started tinkering and writing designs that accomplished the most – with the least amount of equipment.

I discovered ways to help our athletes:

  • Get stronger by properly preparing the muscles getting worked
  • Gain better mobility through weighted movements – without long stretching sessions
  • Wake up their brains to help their nervous systems adapt to training demands – and prevent injury too
  • Grow big biceps, shoulders, rumps, legs, and abs for the hypertrophy crowd

All with a hunk or two of metal with a handle on the top.

May of these workouts found their way into Persist, my subscription training program – but I’ve collected the best and added some new twists and turns to keep infinite kettlebell options at your fingertips any time.

Introducing The Kettlebell Solution

Go beyond the basics with mix and match kettlebell workouts that you can put together with the included template into a full body workout routine – or mix them into your existing workouts.

Strength Balance – Build more muscle even if you don’t have a heavier bell. Using tried and tested training methods of tempo, supersets, and timed rest periods, you’ll discover how to use the same weight to get stronger, week by week.

Skill Flows and Coordination – Fancy kettlebell moves aren’t just party tricks. When you’re bored and burned out, learning new skills opens a new avenue to stay engaged in your fitness and use your body in new ways. Rotational movements and skill work build resiliency that carries over to shooting hoops, swinging a golf club, or awkward movements in life.

To get fitter, faster, and stronger, you need to develop both brain and brawn – your muscles and your nervous system, which allows you to adapt to training. These flows will work your neural pathways, challenge your reflexes and coordination, and wake up your brain to get explosive.

Pre-Fatigue Pumps – Banish the boring and ineffective warmup. The purpose of the first few minutes of your training is to get to work so you get the most out of your muscles in the session ahead. Have you ever finished your working sets of squats and felt like you were just getting started? You may be leaving gains on the table. Try the difference between a pre-fatigue leg pump and a few halfhearted reps with a barbell – your thighs will give thanks.

Finishers – Blast your biceps, core, and more with these satisfying finisher circuits that end your session with quality – and an epic pump. The perfect touch to add onto any session to end on a high note!

“Functional Bodybuilding and your nutrition principles have changed the way I train & eat. I can’t thank you enough.”

“Tricky, lots of new stuff, but achievable and fun! Thanks.” 

Loved the KB skill work. Starting to get the flows though they kill me!

Marcus has helped me open my mind up to the many other aspects of fitness I previously ignored.

Is one kettlebell enough?

Not everyone has the luxury of a rack full of different sizes and weights to choose from – but you can get a terrific full body workout with even one single kettlebell. This Ebook is packed with how-tos and tips for using Functional Bodybuilding to make the most of what you have – from substituting movements to manipulating rest times and tempos to make the work more or less challenging as needed.

Is this a full training program?

The Kettlebell Solution is an Ebook with a collection of four different types of kettlebell pieces: pre-fatigue, strength balance, skill/coordination, and finishers. It will show you how to put them together into a training template, but for a complete training program that builds week by week we recommend Persist.

These workouts are designed to mix and match – and include instruction on how to slip them in seamlessly to another training session. Whether you’re looking for a quick flow to squeeze into your lunch break, or a pre-fatigue pump that will get you primed to hit heavy weights, these workouts are ready to plug and play.

You’ll also find a training template for how to combine them into a standalone kettlebell program that hits every part of your body – without overtaxing any one area.

I keep bashing the bell into my forearms!

Like any new skill, kettlebells have a learning curve – and while this guide has plenty of workouts for both beginners and advanced, some of the skill and coordination flows will put your timing to the test. In the Ebook you’ll find demo videos for every movement, slow mo breakdowns for the advanced moves, and positioning tips and coaching points. Get ready to take your kettlebell skills up up and away!

All our Ebooks come with a 30 day guarantee so try The Kettlebell Solution at no risk!

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