FREE Mobility/Strength Guide

Cover every area of your body with this free movement guide with 3 workouts to strengthen & lengthen those muscles.

Mobility & Strength Exercises

You don’t have to spend extra time on mobility if you don’t have it to spare. Work your joint health, stability, and strength in tricky positions with these 3 ways to bake mobility right into training:

  1. WARM-UPs & ACTIVATION – (MIND MUSCLE CONNECTION – JOINT RANGE EXPANSION) – These are movements that we prescribe in Functional Bodybuilding as warm-up activities. They help to prime and prep the movement pattern for training. When performed with the correct intention you can expand the range that will carry over to training where you can reinforce the strength of your joints in that range. Furthermore, these movements enhance the mind-muscle connection for these patterns.

  2. POSITIONAL STRENGTH TRAINING (STRENGTHENING END RANGE – STABILIZE JOINTS) – I often refer to these in our program as STRENGTH BALANCE or POSITIONAL STRENGTH movements since their goal is twofold. Build top-end strength while at the same time prioritizing end range strength, positional improvements in our mobility, and balance of our joints in all degrees of motion.

  3. COOL DOWNS & PASSIVE STRETCH (INCREASE FLEXIBILITY – ISOMETRIC HOLDS TO BUILD and SOLIDIFY RANGE POSITIONS) – Best suited for after you’ve done your resistance training for the day. Here we are going to hold very specific positions that give us the most bang for our buck to improve your flexibility.

If you want to see specific examples of building mobility and strength, download my free guide with activation warmups, strength work, and cool-down moves for flexibility to develop your new ranges of motion.

FREE Mobility & Strength Guide

Get a free mini guide with corresponding workouts to show you how to put these concepts to work in your training.

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