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All of our Functional Bodybuilding coaches are certified by Precision Nutrition, and have experience coaching athletes in Functional Bodybuilding training as well as nutrition. You’re in great hands!

Rebecca Gartner has a background in collegiate soccer and basketball, using CrossFit style workouts to help her get in the best shape possible for her sport. She also fell in love with nutrition and quickly realized how important it was to properly fuel her body. After a debilitating experience with mold exposure, she realized her training style was no longer helping her; it was hurting her. Rebecca switched from high intensity training to a more balanced training program focused on health. Rebecca joined FBB as a Persist coach in 2022.

Rebecca takes a very holistic approach to nutrition and training. Her experience has taught her the importance of stress management, from a physical, psychological, and environmental standpoint. She doesn’t believe in quick fixes; slow and steady wins the race. Rebecca’s ultimate goal is for her clients to not just survive, but to thrive. She wants you to feel confident in your skin and at the gym all while crushing your goals.

Certifications: Precision Nutrition Level 1 + CFL1

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