How one simple habit can supercharge your results

Good nutrition is a hassle! We all know we need to eat healthy foods in the right amounts to look and feel our best. But in practice, we see nothing but:

  • Gimmicky diets that only last weeks – or days
  • Scientific studies that all contradict one another
  • Complicated meal plans that take too long and go out the window as soon as life gets hectic

Tired of ditching diets that overpromise and under deliver?

When you take time out of your day to exercise in the middle of your busy life, you need nutrition that’s simple and effective.

Your nutrition should:

  • Energize you for training and your day
    Help you build lean muscle and burn fat with plenty of protein
  • Keep you full and not distracted by hunger
  • Make it EASY and simple to make meals and stay on track

Persist With Protein

In my decades of coaching experience, I’ve found that the clients who have the most success focus on the big wins. Instead of getting bogged down in the details, they find a few things they can do over and over every day – and the massive wins pile up.

The Persist With Protein Ebook shows you exactly how to focus on just a few things that really work to look and perform your best:

  • Starting each day with protein by choosing a few breakfasts you love for your rotation
  • Rounding out your meals with fiber and foods that keep you full
  • Tracking your progress to build a new healthy habit

$39 USD

$39 $19 USD Persist Member Price

Compare a typical nutrition approach with what Persist With Protein will show you:

Traditional Approach
  • Tracking macros and calories
  • Complicated recipes
  • Battling hunger
  • Confusion on what’s healthy or best
Persist With Protein
  • Starting the day with protein
  • 5-ingredient meals in minutes
  • Foods that keep you full
  • Simple, straightforward approach

The Persist With Protein Ebook includes:

  • An overview of my entire nutrition system to feel full on fewer calories
  • 81 pages of high protein, low calorie recipes to never run out of ideas. You’ll find breakfast, meal prep, sauces, and even dessert! Vegan, vegetarian, and gluten free recipes all included.
  • 50g Protein Challenge Log to track your progress

Persist With Protein works for any style of eating – whether you’re vegetarian, vegan, carnivore, dairy-free, gluten-free, or anything in between.

Unlike restrictive diets, we’ll show you how to make a few simple tweaks to what you already like to eat – and build a great foundation from there.

This Ebook contains all the information you need to understand the “why” behind the method. But you don’t even have to read it to get started right away. Just plan a great breakfast and start eating!


BONUS 1: Protein Planner Spreadsheet

The BONUS Protein Planner tool ($39 value) shows you exactly how to structure simple meals. Just enter your body weight, pick your proteins, and eat the amounts that are customized for you. 

You can also round out your 5-ingredient meals with suggestions from our High Performance foods lists. It even generates a shopping list!

BONUS 2: 7-Day Sample Meal Templates

Want it all done for you? Check out the full 7-day sample meal plans, including macros, for:

  • 130g protein
  • 150g protein
  • 170g protein
  • 190g protein

They also come with shopping lists! ($39 value)

I've Helped Tens of Thousands Look Good and Move Well - How about you?

When I started coaching over 20 years ago, I was overly enthusiastic. I made the mistake of making things too darned complicated – and my clients lost their trust in me. While motivation was high at first, they simply couldn’t keep up with their careers, their fitness, and an overly detailed nutrition plan all at the same time.

I vowed to learn to help as many people as I could by making training and nutrition simple, repeatable, fun, and effective.

Now, over ten thousand athletes are currently training with Functional Bodybuilding. And just by sharing my nutrition approach on social media, many have reached their goals even faster – and maintained them.

When my clients overcome all the friction points to great nutrition and see how easy it can be, it lights me up. And I want to share those results with as many people as I can.

So after countless requests, I’m bringing my complete nutrition approach to you – and making it easier than ever to get started.

Want to thank Marcus for taking me into joining FBB two years ago. With proper nutrition and your workouts I have accomplished a look and a feel that I didn’t think I could get to! I’ll be 61 in December and never felt or looked better. Thanks again!!!
I learned better strategies and re-committed to putting my own training and nutrition first above all else. The best part was personal satisfaction of making progress, and knowing my future self is super grateful for my present self.
Your food tips are seriously some of the best things I take away from your page. Thank you for giving real food examples of what to eat. When I talk with people about nutrition i always point them to you.


Training and nutrition work hand in hand.

Try the Persist training program for 14 days absolutely free, and save $20 on Persist With Protein. 

(Discount applied at checkout for current and new Persist members.)

If you don’t find what you need in Persist, you can cancel hassle free. And if you’re not satisfied with your ebook purchase, you’ll have 30 days to request an easy refund.

Bundle both to look good and move well – get started today!


  • Persist With Protein Ebook
  • Persist With Protein Recipes
  • BONUS: Personal Protein Planner spreadsheet
  • BONUS: 7-Day Sample Meal Plans
  • 50g Challenge Log
  • $20 off with Persist membership

$39 USD

$39 $19 USD Persist Member Price

Frequently Asked QUestions

Persist With Protein works for any eating style. In the Recipe section, you’ll find tagged recipes for vegans, vegetarians, and gluten-free. You can easily swap out ingredients to make meals fit the way you like to eat.

Nope! While tracking your macros is a powerful tool to learn more about what works for your body, you don’t have to track to get results. In Persist With Protein, you’ll learn why eating a protein-focused breakfast is the key to better energy and fewer cravings all day long. We’ll show you over 50 breakfast ideas to get 50 grams of protein – pick a few you like and you’re well on your way.

If you like to start your day later, Persist With Protein can still work for you. You’ll learn why protein is so powerful and how to break it up across your day to fuel your body and energy needs.

Persist With Protein is bundled with a 50-day Challenge log. Eat 50 grams of protein for breakfast, for 50 days in a row, to start building simple and effective nutrition habits. By the end of 50 days, many clients see a profound change in their energy, body composition, and hunger levels throughout the day – but you may see results much sooner.

Right on this page! Send us a message any time using the chat bubble and we’ll get in touch shortly.

$39 USD

$39 $19 USD Persist Member Price

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