Essentials Ebook Bundle

Get the essential building blocks for a great training and nutrition routine. The bundle includes:

  • Pump 40: 40-minute lifting-only workouts. Follow them in order to build muscle and strength week by week, or use one any time you need a quick, effective pump. Also great to pair with Aerobic 40 or other sports and activities.
  • Aerobic 40: 40-minute cardio-only workouts. These workouts build your aerobic capacity week by week, or use one any time you need a fun cardio workout. Pairs well with Pump 40.
  • The Practical Protein Guide: Win big with your nutrition by focusing on the one macronutrient that matters the most: protein! Get recipes, travel tips, and resources for making it easy to hit your daily protein goal.

All three Ebooks in the Essentials Bundle are included as a bonuses with any Persist subscription.


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