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“The most satisfying thing you can get in the gym is the PUMP.”

Arnold Schwarzenegger sums it up so well. A great pump feels incredible. Blood rushes through your muscles as you curl a dumbbell up. You watch your bicep grow before your very eyes. You’ve built a sweat, and all the stress of the day goes far, far away. And when you finally drop it in exhaustion, you feel satisfied – and SWOLE.

If only we could feel – and look – like a bodybuilder all the time.


  • We DON’T have time to train 8 hours a day
  • We want to eat more than chicken breast and broccoli
  • We could skip the spray tans and shady steroids part

Oh yeah – and we’re not 20 anymore. That kind of heavy lifting would kill our joints.

The Search for Sexiness

I’m Marcus Filly, and I know this firsthand – because I trashed my body on my way to the top in CrossFit. On one hand, my bodybuilding background as a teen had built a terrific foundation of strength. But years of heavy lifting and the high volume of competitive sport left me injured, burned out, and wrecked.

And after retiring from competing, I just wanted to train to look good – while also feeling athletic and able to live my life pain free.

Too much volume and high intensity wasn’t the only mistake I made. Over the years I tried:

  • Cutting more calories – only to end up face first in a bag of chips after uncontrollable cravings took hold.
  • Adding more cardio – my body would shrink, but muscle didn’t grow or take shape.
  • More and more metcons – but random workouts led to random results
  • Lifting harder and heavier – until old injuries roared back to life. Or a new one popped up.
  • New workout splits – but repeating the same routine bored me to tears.

As a coach, my clients had made these same mistakes too.


I created Functional Bodybuilding to deliver a new dream to my clients – and myself:

Imagine waking up feeling energized for the day. You crush 40 grams of protein for breakfast – it’s easy, because you keep it super simple. You know how to fuel yourself all day without breaking a sweat.

At the gym, you open your workout on your phone. Every workout is a little different than the one before. You’re hooked on seeing what’s new. But you’re still getting stronger in all your main lifts – you can see it from the weights you logged last time.

A message from a coach pops up, giving you feedback on your Romanian Deadlift form. You sent a video after yesterday’s session, and now you know exactly how to improve.

The workout goes great – you’re super into it, and you end with a CRAZY PUMP. You’ve got to get to work soon, but every second of this workout was worth it. You almost strut to the shower, feeling fully satisfied.

You catch a glimpse of yourself – and you like it. You look good, tight and toned. You flex a little for fun – ohhhh yeah. You dress for work, and your clothes fit great.

After work, you get a text. It’s so nice out still – your bestie wants to play pickleball. Why not? You laugh your asses off. You can stop and swivel on a dime, without your knees and ankles feeling like crap.

And the best part?

You get to keep it – all of it. No more destroying your body with aggressive cuts. No more spinning in circles with workouts that don’t work. Or that don’t give lasting results.

You get to look good, move well, and feel incredible – almost on autopilot.

It’s possible – because thousands of Persist athletes around the world are doing it right now.

Introducing Persist PUMP LIFT

As Functional Bodybuilding evolved, my athletes were having incredible success. They were building muscle, changing their bodies, and feeling better than ever.

But I noticed a new need.

I’ve always included conditioning and aerobic work along with muscle building and strength.

But some people just want to lift.

Your time is precious – and you might want to walk, or ride a bike, or golf. You might play pickleball, or have an active job.

Your time in the gym should do exactly what you need it to.

So I added a new track to my Persist workout program, just for lifting and hypertrophy work.

In Persist PUMP LIFT, you’ll find:

  • BIG LIFTS that get you stronger, week by week
  • CRAZY PUMPS that shape your body and leave no muscle group untouched
  • STRENGTH BALANCE to address all areas and balance your physique
  • SAFE PRE-WORK that builds you up while reducing injury risk
  • FORM REVIEWS from real coaches to keep you improving
  • BUILT-IN MOBILITY so you can still touch your toes
  • Workouts that WORK – and are FUN AS HELL

And Persist PUMP LIFT is only part of the full Persist program. When you try Persist, you’ll get immediate access to all workouts and extras.

Persist Includes:

5 training tracks:

  • PUMP LIFT – for big lifts and CRAZY pumps – no conditioning
  • PUMP CONDITION – strength, hypertrophy, and muscle-building conditioning finishers
  • PILLARS – short, focused workouts for all around strength and conditioning
  • PERFORM – top end strength and performance – athletic training for the functional fitness fan
  • MINIMALIST – low equipment workouts (and bodyweight too), perfect for travel
Switch between training tracks in an instant – you’ll always find the workout you need. Log your workout results to track your progress week over week, and use the calendar feature to work on your own schedule.

You’ll also get:

  • Community board to keep you motivated – plus an active, moderated Facebook group
  • Nutrition library – with my complete system for simple, repeatable meals
  • Mobility videos – built into the program, or on demand for troublesome spots
  • Coaching tips, breakdowns, and demo videos to keep learning
  • Top tier athlete and customer support – always willing to help with anything you need – including personal form reviews
  • Member specials on all Functional Bodybuilding Ebooks and select new releases

BONUS #1 - Practical Protein Guide

Hit your protein and do nothing else for your nutrition – and you can see big changes. This ebook makes it simple with answers to every protein problem – from travel to prep to how much to eat. Plus recipes and no-prep options. ($29 value)

BONUS #2 - 62 Aerobic Workouts

The 30/30 Cardio Ebook and Aerobic 40 Ebook contain fast, fun formats to build a sweat. If the treadmill bores you to tears but you still want to do some breathing work, try a workout from these Ebooks any time. ($88 value)

BONUS #3 - PUMP 40 Ebook

PUMP 40 workouts deliver a crazy pump even when your schedule is tight. Use these workouts as an 8-week progressive program when life gets hectic, or mix one in whenever your schedule is squeezed. ($49 value)

All 4 bonus Ebooks are yours to keep – simply for trying the program!

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$ 39 USD - 2 Wk Free Trial
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  • Bonus Ebooks
  • Member Specials


$ 325 USD - Auto Renew
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$ 99 USD - Auto Renew
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Persist PUMP LIFT is a 5 day program, with optional recovery day flows to work on mobility and keep you feeling great.

Each workout takes about 75 minutes, but you’ll find instructions within each workout if you need to make it shorter.

If you want to train 3 or 4 days a week, the program comes with guidance to keep making progress on your schedule. The PILLARS track in Persist also provides shorter, less frequent workouts if life gets busy.

You’ll also get a bonus 40-minute lifting ebook, PUMP 40, if you need a shorter program – just for trying Persist.

In the two decades plus that I’ve been training and coaching, I’ve tried endless diets and nutrition approaches for myself and my clients.

But the ones that work all have this in common:

  • Protein – eating enough protein builds muscle, reduces cravings, and keeps you full and energized
  • Quality – fewer processed foods, more quality ingredients – with flexibility for real life
  • Calories – the right amount for your needs, and knowing how to adjust that over time – without starving yourself down into nothing

I put my simple nutrition system right into the Persist Nutrition library, so you can learn it step by step. And because protein is so important, I wrote an entire ebook on how to overcome the most common obstacles to getting enough. You’ll find no prep solutions, how to find the right amount, how to hit protein on the road and at restaurants, plus recipes and more.

The Practical Protein Guide ($29 value) is included as a bonus, just for trying Persist.

If you like to walk, bike, run, or do other types of cardio on your own, PUMP LIFT is the perfect match. Persist also includes many options for conditioning, too.

Not all conditioning work supports muscle growth. Which is why I created the Persist PUMP CONDITION track. These muscle-building workouts complement the strength work of the day, so you continue hitting the same areas while getting your breathing up.

You can switch into PUMP CONDITION – or any of the other tracks in Persist – any time. They’re all available right in the app. PUMP LIFT and PUMP CONDITION are similar day to day, so it’s easy to mix and match.

You’ll also get two bonus cardio ebooks, just for trying Persist. These are 30-minute and 40-minute formats that keep cardio fun and engaging, so you can add it to your routine as you like.

Persist is designed with flexibility in mind, so you can work out anywhere you need to – no matter what you have on hand.

In the PUMP LIFT track, you’ll find options for both free weights (barbells, dumbbells, etc.) and conventional gym machines (Smith machine, cable tower, leg press, and more).

Persist also includes a MINIMALIST track for low equipment workouts, perfect for hotel gyms or home gyms with limited gear. You’ll even find bodyweight-only workouts to keep your routine up in a pinch.

Unlike other programs, you don’t have to reach out to cancel. You can manage your subscription any time through our website – and customer support is also happy to help with anything you need. 

Persist is delivered through the Atom training platform, a web-based application that works on any device. Save Atom to your home screen for instant access to your training. An Atom account will be created for you at signup.

Unlike other programs, Persist won’t leave you hanging, wondering how to change a workout if you need to. Message a coach right in the app for questions on dealing with injuries, understanding movements, or anything else you need.

Our coaches even provide personal form reviews to keep your movement improving.


$ 39 USD - 2 Wk Free Trial
  • Cancel Any Time
  • Bonus Ebooks
  • Member Specials


$ 325 USD - Auto Renew
  • Save 30%
  • Bonus Ebooks
  • Member Specials


$ 99 USD - Auto Renew
  • Save 15%
  • Bonus Ebooks
  • Member Specials

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