Persist Feb 2023 Highlights

Persist Cycle Highlights

Persist starts a new training cycle on Monday, February 13. So if you want to check out a different track, or try the program for the first time, here’s an overview of what’s ahead for the final 6 weeks of the year.

Whether you need short flexible workouts to keep you going or want to end the year on a high with a massive PUMP, Persist has a place for you with four training tracks plus bonus ebooks to expand your options even more.

Each training track has a unique flavor to it, and here is what I’m most excited about in each track.

Persist PUMP - Build Lean Muscle

  • If you’ve been on the fence about jumping into PUMP for the first time, February 13th might just be the day to finally take the leap.

  • More straight working sets geared for maximal intensity will push weights without the constraints of short rest periods. 

  • Progressions with minimal changes to sets and reps week after week allow you to get much more focused on progressive overload of weights, effort, and even technique. You’ll feel stronger and stronger each week.

  • Intensification methods help our athletes push themselves in training in ways they weren’t before.



DOWN SET AMRAPS – After performing 2 warm ups set you will begin a 3 set build in weight and effort. On the 3rd working set you will perform your top working set weight at around an 8 or 9/10 RPE for the day. On the 4th set, you will drop the weight by a prescribed % of your 3rd set and finish with a 4th working set that is for MAX reps. These down sets are a chance to get your body prepared with a heavier weight so that when you come back for a lighter max effort set you feel mentally more capable of pushing your intensity.

Every 2:30 x 4
Back Squat
Set 1 – 6 reps @ 20X1 reps RPE 5/10
Set 2 – 6 reps @ 20X1 reps RPE 7/10
Set 3 – 6 reps @ 20X1 reps RPE 8/10
Set 4 – AMRAP @ 20X0 TEMPO using 75-80% of set 3

Note – AMRAP Set has NO PAUSES

REVERSE PYRAMID LOADING – Perform a few short Warm up sets prior to your first working set. Select a weight for working Set 1 that will take you all the way to form failure (10/10 RPE) within the rep range listed. For sets 2 and 3 drop the weight by about 5-10% from the previous set and aim for the upper range of reps on the next set. The purpose here is to get your heaviest sets done first when you are most fresh, then by reducing load and taking reps higher on the subsequent sets we can continue to hit high-effort sets even after a near max effort first set.

Every 75sec x 6 Sets
Single Arm Landmine Row
Set 1 Right – 8-10 reps @ 20X0 (TOUGH SET)
Set 1 Left – 8-10 reps @ 20X0 (TOUGH SET)
Set 2 Right – 10-12 reps @ 20X0
Set 2 Left – 10-12 reps @ 20X0
Set 3 Right – 12-15 reps @ 20X0
Set 3 Left – 12-15 reps @ 20X0

These new training concepts are paired with many of the staples you’ve come to appreciate and love. Staples that make this program well balanced. Things such as Pre-Fatigues that are still body part and pump focused to get the body prepared for lifting. Conditioning formats that zero in on local muscle fatigue with a layer of aerobic “cardio” conditioning. And finally, supersets that build strength balance and pack more work into shorter periods of time for efficiency and muscle endurance.

Priority Lifts for the next 6 Weeks in PUMP:

  • Mon – UPPER PULL BIAS – Upper Pull Bias Giant Set, Landmine Rows, Couplet of Triplets

  • Tues – LOWER SQUAT BIAS – Back Squats and RDLS, Step Up and Calf, Sprint Power Intervals

  • Wed – ARMS & SHOULDERS – Tricep SuperSets, Shoulder Supersets, Bicep/Core Conditioning

  • FRI – LOWER HINGE BIAS – Deadlifts and Cyclist Front Squats, Split Squats, Fatigued Abdominals

  • SAT – UPPER PUSH BIAS – Bench Press and T Bar Rows, Dips/Push Ups + Curls, Ascending Triplets Push and Pull

Persist PERFORM - Get Athletic

  • If you come from the CrossFit world or love to express your athleticism, PERFORM lets you do just that. It also builds in plenty of strength, mobility, and joint stability so you won’t crush yourself in the process.
  • Used to everything being a 10 on the effort scale? Dial it back with progressive RPE (Rate of Perceived Effort) guides for your lifts. Your body will feel great – and your strength won’t suffer in the process. Here’s a look at just one piece of a strength progression in PERFORM:

    Week 1

    3 Working Sets

    1. Front Squat 20X1; 2-3reps rest 15sec
    2. Back Squat 22X1; 3-5reps rest 2-3mins
    • Use the same load for the Back Squat as you did the Front Squat. Push your loading on the Front Squat and then hit your strong pauses for the back squat.

    Set 1 Front Squat – RPE 6/10
    Set 2 Front Squat – RPE 7/10
    Set 3 Front Squat – RPE 8/10

    Week 2
    3 Working Sets

    1. Front Squat 20X1; 2,2,2 rest 15sec
    2. Back Squat 22X1; AMRAP -2 at tempo rest 2-3mins
    • Use the same load for the Back Squat as you did the Front Squat. Push each set of Back Squats to within 2 reps shy of failure at the specific tempo listed.

    Set 1 Front Squat – RPE 7/10
    Set 2 Front Squat – RPE 8/10
    Set 3 Front Squat – RPE 9/10

Persist PERFORM Priority Lifts:

  • Mon – LOWER BODY – Snatch, Front/Back Squat Intensity, Barbell Cycling EMOMS

  • Tues – UPPER BODY – Shoulder Bulletproofing, Horizontal Push and Pull Strength, Upper Body Muscle Endurance AMRAPS

  • Wed – FULL BODY – HOT START, Romanian Deadlift/Hip Thrust Strength, Increasing Effort Conditioning Pacing

  • FRI – SQUAT & PULL – Cleans, Drop Lunge/Pull Ups, Skilled Conditioning (Pull Ups, Muscle Up, Lunges, Pistols)

  • SAT – HINGE & PUSH – HOT START, Push Bias Giant Set, Hinge Focused 20min Duration Conditioning

Persist PILLARS: Foundations in 1 Hour

Get a streamlined strength and conditioning program in 4 days per week that covers all your bases (and is fun as hell too). Some people mistake PILLARS for a beginner’s track. But it’s actually deceptively simple. You can start with PILLARS to get a good feel for FBB without a lot of complicated workout formats and setup. But as your strength and stamina increase, PILLARS will continue to challenge you with increased effort levels and weights. It’s a well rounded delivery of the PILLARS of good training – warmup, strength, conditioning, and mobility, delivered in a one hour workout.

Persist PILLARS Priority Lifts:

  • Mon – LOWER BODY – Box Squat, Hip Thrust and Core, Lower Body Intervals

  • Tues – UPPER BODY – Press & Row, Rotator Cuff Work, Extended Upper Body Intervals

  • THUR – LOWER BODY + UPPER PULL – Romanian Deadlift, Pull Up/Lunge Supersets, Extended Squat and Bicep Conditioning

  • FRI – UPPER BODY – Bench Press, Triceps & Shoulders, Interval Conditioning with full body moves for intensity.



  • Full Body – even with bodyweight. The MINIMALIST track gives you options for minimal equipment (dumbbells, pull-up bar, box) or no equipment at all. And you’ll find effective ways to build strength and condition.
  • Monday, Tuesday, Friday, and Saturday are modeled after PILLARS, and Wednesday includes a Minimalist version of Perform.

May 4_Workout-14

Personal Form Feedback

Form Reviews have been rolling out in a big way. We have a much easier portal for you all to upload videos inside of the new ATOM platform. As a result we are able to engage with more of you and help you improve your technique with cues directly from a coach on staff. So take a moment to engage in the form review section of ATOM this coming cycle.

Featured form reviews include a detailed coach breakdown of specific lifts. Then you can upload your videos to get feedback and improve. Keep an eye out for the Form Review section within your training for:

  • Pendlay Row in PERFORM
  • T Bar Row in PUMP
  • Wide Stance Box Squat in PILLARS

Try All Four Tracks Free

Persist comes with all four training tracks, bonus ebooks like PUMP 40 and the Practical Protein Guide, and coaching including personal form reviews. And you can try the full program for two weeks absolutely free. Kick the tires on the new training cycle at no risk – or lock in 3 or 12 months and save.

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