Persist July 2023 Highlights

Persist July Cycle Highlights What would an ideal training program look like to rehab my bum shoulder, look lean and muscular, and have energy and focus for days? This was the question I started with when I created PUMP LIFT, the newest track inside Persist. Again and again, I see how programs that build muscle …

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Persist May 2023 Highlights

Persist may Cycle Highlights Persist is starting a new training cycle next week! So here’s an overview of what’s coming up in the training program, and an update on how I’m approaching my own training to keep injuries away and focus on muscle mass and functional strength. Which track do you like best? When people …

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Persist Feb 2023 Highlights

Persist Cycle Highlights Persist starts a new training cycle on Monday, February 13. So if you want to check out a different track, or try the program for the first time, here’s an overview of what’s ahead for the final 6 weeks of the year. Whether you need short flexible workouts to keep you going or …

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Look Good & Move Well

Persist PT Notes

Welcome to the new cycle of Persist! FBB Master Coach Adam Fetter is here to provide some extra cues and mobility exercises. Adam is a Doctor of Physical Therapy and is lending his insight to help you get the most out of the movements you’ll see coming up. Happy Horizontal Pushing The next two weeks …

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Persist Deload Week

If you are feeling like burnout is building up from a period of intensification in your training, try this deload week option to refresh your body and reset for new training to come. Download Deload Week