Persist July 2023 Highlights

Persist July Cycle Highlights

What would an ideal training program look like to rehab my bum shoulder, look lean and muscular, and have energy and focus for days?

This was the question I started with when I created PUMP LIFT, the newest track inside Persist.

Again and again, I see how programs that build muscle bit by bit over weeks impact our athletes. They lose body fat, build strength and muscle, rehab injuries, and feel amazing.

Progressive overload, over 6-12 weeks of training, has been a foundation of Persist for years.

So I’m very excited to bring PUMP LIFT to those of you want to dig into lifting even deeper. And have more options to train at conventional gyms.

Of course, there’s so much to discover in all the tracks in Persist. So here’s an overview of what’s ahead.



The goal is simple. Use proven lifting formats that allow you to focus on squeezing the most out of every single set each day. You’ll also find conventional gym machine options in this track.

INTENSE sets of your core lift for the day to really dig in TIMED STRENGTH BALANCE – These movements recruit less overall muscle, so we drive intensity through short rest periods

ISOLATION FINISHERS – Safe burnouts for small muscles in a variety of fun formats

CONDITION ON YOUR OWN – Simply walk or do any other activity you enjoy for conditioning on your own schedule. Or use the PUMP CONDITION track any time (you can mix and match).


Monday – Legs – Squats and Lunges
Tuesday – Chest, Triceps & Shoulders – Bench Press, Dips, and Z press
Wednesday – Back, Biceps, Hamstrings – Romanian Deadlift, Pull-Ups, Rows, and Curls
Thursday – Active Recovery + Blood Flow + Mobility
Friday – Shoulders, Quads, Triceps – Press, Split Squat, and Tricep SuperSets
Saturday – Chest, Glutes, Back, Biceps – Dumbbell Bench, Hip Thrust, and Meadow Rows
Sunday – Rest Day Work In Lesson


Are you a Chest Day or a Leg Day kind of person? Let’s just say that after doing this sample Tuesday workout from PUMP LIFT I’m pretty sure you might all say that you are now officially a Chest Day person.

Warm Up

Cardio Machine of Choice x 2-3 minutes 
2 sets
Overhead Stretch x 15-30 sec
Lat Stretch x 15-30 sec/side
Shoulder Extension Stretch x 15-30 sec
Supinated Passive Hang x 15-30 sec

Coach Note – warm up and get the shoulders ready in all positions.


2 Sets
1 – DB External Rotation @ 20X0 x 15/arM
2 – Yoga Push Up x 15reps *SuperSet – Short rest between movements

Coach Note – pump up the rotator cuff and shoulder muscles before we lift heavy

STRENGTH INTENSITY – Chest and Shoulder Intensity

Reverse Pyramid Working Sets – this means that we start with the heaviest weight we can lift for our first set. Then, for the next sets, we use lighter weights and do more reps.

Bench Press or Machine Chest Press @ 20X1
Warm-Up Set 1 – 15 reps Light
Warm-Up Set 2 – 10 reps @ RPE 4-5/10
Warm-Up Set 3 – 5 reps @ RPE 6/10
Working Sets Set 1 – 5 reps @ RPE 6/10
Working Sets Set 2 – Minus 10-15% x 10reps
Working Sets Set 3 – Minus 10-15% x 15reps
*rest 90-120sec between Working Sets

Unilateral Press Work – Every 60-75sec x 6 (3 Sets Per Arm)
1st – Right Arm Landmine Z Press @ 20X0 x 10-15reps @ RPE 7/10
2nd – Left Arm Landmine Z Press @ 20X0 x 10-15reps @ RPE 7/10

Coach Note – Part 1 is about taking a big lift to very high effort. Part 2 is about unilateral strength.


3 Sets
1st – Strict Bar Dip or Band Assisted Bar Dip @ 20X1 x 10-15reps rest 45sec
2nd – Supine Tricep DB Extension or EZ Bar Skull Crusher @ 20X1 x 10-20reps
rest 90sec and back to 1st
*Aim for an RPE of 7/10 on your final sets today.

Coach Note – Agonist supersets that hit the same muscle group for a crazy PUMP.

PUMP Finisher – Chest and Shoulder Isolation

3 Sets
1 – 10-15 Flat Bench Dumbbell Fly Press or Fat Bench Cable Fly Press @ 30X0
directly into
2 – 20sec Isometric Hold at half range on last rep
rest 30sec
3 – 10-15 Dumbbell or Weight Plate Full Raise @ 30X0 
directly into
4 – 20sec Isometric Hold at half range on last rep
rest 60-90sec and reset

Coach Note – cap off the chest and shoulders with ISOMETRIC holds for intensity at the end of some focused isolation work.

PUMP CONDITION (formerly pump)


PUMP has been one of our most popular tracks, where you can lift and condition to build more muscle. PUMP CONDITION and PUMP LIFT will follow similar training templates, so you can easily switch between them if you wish. In PUMP CONDITION you’ll find:

CONDITIONING finishers that build on the lifts of the day

SUPERSETS and SHORTER REST to get more lifting in a shorter amount of time

WORK CAPACITY to develop your fitness alongside muscle growth


Monday – Legs – Squats and Lunges + Fatigued Abdominals/Legs AMRAP
– Chest, Triceps & Shoulders – Bench Press, Dips, Arnold Press + Interval Weight Training for Shoulders
Wednesday – Back, Biceps, Hamstrings – Romanian Deadlift, Pull-Ups, and Curls + SPRINT CARDIO with Isolation Lifts
Thursday – Active Recovery + Blood Flow + Mobility
Friday – Shoulders, Quads, Triceps – Press, Split Squat, and Tricep SuperSets + Fatigued Abdominals/Legs TIMED WORKOUT
Saturday – Chest, Glutes, Back, Biceps – Dumbbell Bench, Split Stance Good Morning, and Rows + Ascending Rep Chest/Upper Back AMRAP
Sunday – Rest Day Work In Lesson


Monday Strength Intensity

Every 75 seconds x 6 Working Sets Back Squat @ 20X1
Warm-Up Set 1 – 15 reps Light
Warm-Up Set 2 – 10 reps @ RPE 4/10
Warm-Up Set 3 – 6-8 reps @ RPE 5/10
Working Sets 1-6 – 6-8 reps @ roughly 45-50% of 1RM (RPE 5-6/10)
*Percentages are low since the rest periods are going to be very short. Intensity will build on the last few sets.

Saturday Strength Intensity

Every 75-90sec x 8 (4 Sets/exercise)
1st – Dumbbell Bench Press @ 20X1 x 10-12reps
2nd – Barbell Hip Thrust @ 20X1 x 10-12reps

3 Sets
1st – Alternating Dumbbell Arnold Z Press @ 20X0 x 6-8/arm
rest 45sec
2nd – Deficit Push Up or Band Assisted Deficit Push Up x 10-15reps
rest 45sec
3rd – Bench Dips x 15-20reps
rest 45sec and back to 1st



Top end strength and gymnastic skills. Olympic lifting and metabolic conditioning.

There are plenty of programs out there that take all these disciplines to the max every day. The elite survive and call themselves the Fittest on Earth. The majority of us get chewed up and spit out. So instead of another PERFORMANCE program that crushes 95% of you, we developed PERSIST PERFORM to thoughtfully progress you over the long term in these areas. You’ll be saved by focusing on TEMPO in your lifts, Strength Balance accessory, and bodybuilding principles to put on muscle while you’re at it.


Monday – Power to Full Snatch Progression, Romanian Deadlifts, Pull-Up Accessory, Conditioning EMOM with core and barbell cycling
Tuesday – Handstand Push Up Skill Work, Overhead Barbell Lifting, Bench Press Accessory, Upper Body Push Muscle Endurance Conditioning
Wednesday – Cleans & Back Squat Progression, Unilateral Hinging, High Power Conditioning Sets (SPRINT WORK)
Thursday – Active Recovery + Blood Flow + Mobility
Friday – HOT START Conditioning, Muscle Snatch/Snatch Deadlift Strength, Dips/Tricep Accessory, Hinge & Push Muscle Endurance Conditioning
Saturday – Shoulder and Knee Bulletproofing Pre-Fatigue, Long Pause Front Squat Build, Back/Bicep TriSet Accessory, For Time Conditioning CHALLANGE
Sunday – Rest Day Work In Lesson


Monday Snatch Progression

EMOM x 9mins
3 Position – Top Down Power Snatch
*Loading based on your best Power Snatch
1 or 2 Warm-Up Sets – 30-40% Loading
Working Sets 1-3 – 50-55% Loading
Working Sets 4-6 – 60% Loading
Working Sets 7-9 – 65% Loading

Wednesday Back Squat Progression

Build Back Squat x 3, 6, 9; rest 2 minutes between sets

Warmup set 1: 5 reps @ RPE 4
Warmup set 2: 5 reps @ RPE 5
Warmup set 3: 3 reps @ RPE 6

Set 1: 3 Reps @ RPE 7
Set 2: 10-15% from set 1 x 6 reps
Set 3: 10-15% from set 2 x 9 reps

Saturday Condition Challenge

For Time
20 Box Jump Step Down 24/20″
20 DB Hang Squat Clean 50/35lbs
20 GHD Sit Ups or Anchored Sit Ups
10 Burpee Bar Muscle Ups or
10 Burpee Strict Pull Ups
15 Box Jump Step Down 24/20″
5 DB Hang Squat Clean 50/35lbs
15 GHD Sit Ups or Anchored Sit Ups
15 Bar Muscle Ups or 15 Kipping C2B Pull Ups
10 Box Jump Step Down 24/20″ 10 DB Hang Squat Clean 50/35lbs
10 GHD Sit Ups or Anchored Sit Ups
20 Kipping C2B Pull Ups or
20 Kipping Pull Ups
*15min Time Cap



FBB is home to many Thinking Athletes who love to understand the details of the training. Understanding more gives you more value out of the time you have in the gym. But not all thinking athletes have 5 days a week to devote 75mins to training. Many of you, if not most, likely only get in there 4 days a week on average. During those 4 days you want to have a very clear focus and know that you aren’t missing out on anything that FBB has to offer.

Pillars was created for that group. We have 3 distinct sections of training in PILLARS that allow you to cover FBB Foundations in 60mins:

  1. Express Great Strength – Strength Intensity
  2. Care For Your Joints and Smaller Muscles – Strength Balance
  3. Develop Aerobic Fitness – Conditioning

Pillars takes training formats from both PUMP LIFT, PUMP CONDITION, and unique conditioning pieces that mirror concepts from PERFORM. Then organizes them into a 4 day training split that covers the whole body and leaves no part untouched.


Monday – Upper Body Bench & Pull Ups with Sprint Cardio Conditioning
Tuesday – Lower Body Squat with Hinge and Single Leg Accessory + 10min AMRAP Conditioning
Wednesday – Active Recovery + Blood Flow + Mobility
Thursday – Upper Body Strict Press, Rows, and Curls with 3 Rounds Challenge Conditioning
Friday – Lower Body Deadlift with Squat & Calf Accessory + Power Sprint Conditioning
Saturday – Active Recovery + Blood Flow + Mobility
Sunday – Rest Day Work In Lesson


Monday Supersets

Strength Part 1: 3 Sets

  1. Incline Barbell Bench Press @ 20X1 x 10,8,6 rest 30sec
  2. Weighted or Bodyweight or Band Assisted Push Up; 3 sets to failure @ 31X1 Tempo (Choose the variation that allows you to get at least 8 reps per set)
    *Rest 90-120sec and back to 1

Strength Part 2: 3 Sets

  1. Weighted or Bodyweight or Band-Assisted Supinated Strict Chest to Bar Pull-Up – MAX REPS UNBROKEN (Aiming for 6-12 reps each set) rest 30sec
  2. Dumbbell Pull Over @ 20X0 x 10-15reps rest 90-120sec and back to 1
Friday Sprint Conditioning

3 Sets
1 – 10 Alternating Dumbbell Thruster 50/35lbs or 35/20lbs (5/arm)
2 – 15sec Sprint Effort Bike
*rest 60-90sec between sets

Complete all 3 sets above and then move on to Part 2.
Rest as needed between sections.

3 Sets
1 – 6 Alternating Single Arm Devils Press 50/35lbs or 35/20lbs
2- 15sec Sprint Effort Bike
*rest 60-90sec between sets



MINIMALIST was the very first track in Persist, born during lockdowns in 2020. It highlighted the need for flexibility in where you train. We can’t always get to a gym (or want to) – but we can still keep building. And that doesn’t have to mean endless burpees and push ups.

During this training block, Minimalist will mirror the PILLARS program. It will be 4 days a week and follow the same training template that was laid out above for PILLARS. Thoughtful considerations have been made to the program so that you can get the same stimulus with less equipment.

Often this means

  • increasing rep ranges
  • making tempos longer
  • changing movement patterns
  • combining movements slightly differently

This is all in an effort to get you an adequate stimulus from your workouts and keep progressing. And most importantly, making you feel great and not burned out. Persist also includes bodyweight only workouts if you don’t have equipment at hand.

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I’m so excited about the changes and new additions we are making to PERSIST. I know you will be too! But the best way to experience Functional Bodybuilding is to stop reading and go try it for yourself.

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