Persist Nutrition Coaching

Cut through the nutrition noise – once and for all.

“I want to look like I train – without a miserable short term diet.”

A 30 day shred can work wonders – for a month. But extreme calorie restrictions take their toll on your energy and your strength. Dreaming of your next dry chicken breast is only sustainable for so long. What will it take to learn how to stay lean and strong year round?

“I’m overwhelmed with what and how to eat. Every new study says the opposite of what came before.”

Which is better, keto or intermittent fasting? Maybe both, with a side of carnivore? Does your head spin with all the nutrition noise in the news? Let’s break it down into what actually works, time and time again. Without making entire groups of food off limits (unless you really want to).

“Even when I have a plan, I have a hard time sticking to it consistently.”

We’re not robots – and what we eat relates to our identity, upbringing, environment, and more. We also need to make nutrition decisions daily. A good support system not only holds you accountable – it can help you understand your fallback patterns around food. And help change them over time.

Look Good, Eat Well Year Round

Introducing Persist Nutrition Coaching – work with your very own coach to build long-lasting confidence in what and how to eat for your goals.

Confidence in your nutrition plan doesn’t come from how you look. It comes from understanding what really works for your body, and being able to apply those lessons consistently.

When you’re in control of your nutrition, you can:

  • Bulk up, lean out, or something in between – now or in the future
  • Match your food to your activity level – even if that changes over time
  • Understand what all successful diets have in common – so you can skip the trends
  • Unlock more energy and better digestive health by learning what foods work best
  • Erase habits that have held you back in the past and stick to your plans

How Does It Work?


Persist Nutrition Coaching starts Monday, September 11 after onboarding. Spots are limited for ample one on one support. 

Participant requirements:

  • Active Persist subscriber
  • Ready to track food intake for 6-12 weeks (or at least your protein) and keep in touch with your coach

Select one of our certified nutrition coaches to work with, then complete a one-time payment. Choose 6 weeks for $195 USD or 12 weeks for $389 USD.

Tell us about you

We want to know about your life to make a plan that works best for you. After your payment is complete, you’ll be redirected immediately to the nutrition intake. Your coach will review all your information and put together a personalized plan for you.

Macros & Planning

No more mystery. Your coach will calculate your macros and share the process in a personalized video that you can refer back to any time. You’ll understand the “why” behind each of the choices they make.

Your coach will also give you a personalized plan for clear next steps and make sure you feel confident you can keep them up. They’ll also set you up with a Cronometer account for meal tracking and reaching your coach with questions.

Support & Weekly Check-ins

The program begins Monday, September 11. You’ll track food, continue following your Persist training, and complete a short weekly check in online so your coach can update your next steps. Your coach will assist you with accountability towards your goals, problem solving, and adjusting your personal approach as needed. You can also reach out any time you have a question.

You Will Get:

  • Personalized walk-through video from your coach
  • Custom macro and nutrition plan, with 3 days of meal examples
  • Check-ins reviewed by your coach
  • Cronometer account for meal tracking
  • Unlimited questions and support for 12 weeks

Frequently Asked Questions

What about training?

This pilot program is open only to Persist participants, so you will continue to do your training with your Atom account. Your coach will also discuss movement with you and what your activity outside the gym is like. 

Who are the coaches?

You will select a Functional Bodybuilding Master Coach to guide your nutrition plan. Each of our coaches has extensive experience with 1:1 nutrition and movement coaching. All of our coaches are certified by Precision Nutrition.

How is this different from other nutrition programs?

This program is designed for Thinking Athletes who want to learn the “why” of what works. In addition to a nutrition plan that is optimized for Functional Bodybuilding training, your coach will also teach you along the way. When your body or life circumstances inevitably change, you will be better prepared to meet these new demands with your nutrition toolbox.

What if I hate tracking macros?

For this pilot program, you’ll need to track your protein intake at a minimum if you prefer not to track all your food. You can weigh and measure, or use hand portion estimations to make tracking simple.

How does Cronometer work?

Cronometer is a free app that has a ton of features to make tracking food easy. It includes a bar code scanner, saved recipes, and easy ways for your coach to see how you’re doing and message you within the app. You won’t need to pay anything extra to use Cronometer with this program.

Is this a one time charge or recurring?

This program is a one-time charge for 6 or 12 weeks of coaching, and does not include your Persist training program. 

What happens after the conclusion?

You can choose to renew with your coach for another term if you wish, though availability of this program may be limited.

More questions? Use the chat bubble on this page to get in touch.