Persist PT Notes

Welcome to the new cycle of Persist! FBB Master Coach Adam Fetter is here to provide some extra cues and mobility exercises. Adam is a Doctor of Physical Therapy and is lending his insight to help you get the most out of the movements you’ll see coming up.

Happy Horizontal Pushing

The next two weeks include several open and closed chain horizontal pushing exercises. Most horizontal pushing exercises require comfortable shoulder extension and internal rotation mobility. You might want to assess your ability in this area with a simple exercise shown in this video. If you are lacking shoulder extension or internal rotation mobility, add the accompanying exercises demonstrated in the video on Tuesdays and Fridays to your warmup:

  • Banded Shoulder Extension
  • Prone Shoulder Extension
  • Reverse Plank Hip Bridge

You can also lie prone on a lacrosse ball and use it to loosen up your pecs.

For Strict Dips, DB Bench, Ring Push-ups, and Parallette Push-ups, set a standard on your range of motion and achieve that standard on every rep. The intention on these exercises will be to CONTROL throughout the full range. This adjustment of intention will lead to even further increases in shoulder mobility, strength at end ranges, and beautiful resilient pecs. 


Triple Flexion Mobility: The first two weeks also involve several deep squat movements including tempo back squats, ATG/Knee Over Toe Split Squats, and Cossack Squats. During these movements the ankle, knee, and hip all flex simultaneously until reaching full range of motion. For these movements, consider the following cues to help you load the lower extremity with optimal mechanics:

  1. Find a stable foot position
  2. Create tension in the quads/glutes from the top of the movement
  3. Keep knee in line with the 3rd/4th toe
  4. Sink into the hips on each of these movements (or feel the glute lengthen)

Check out the video for a movement demonstration plus a simple exercise to help practice these cues.

Questions? Use the message area of your TrueCoach app to reach Adam any time, or join the conversation in the Functional Bodybuilding Facebook Group.

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