Aerobic 40

Build your engine! AEROBIC 40 is an 8-week cardio program that improves your capacity in short, 40 minute sessions. If you struggle with pacing and hit the wall quickly in workouts, Aerobic 40 will help you breathe and move with better cardio endurance.

Hooked on the feeling of cardio, but hate doing the same thing all the time? AEROBIC 40 includes 2 workouts per week that build you up on one machine (runner, rower, bike, etc.) as well as 2 workouts per week that mix breathing and bodyweight or light resistance work. This super fun combo translates well to many types of fitness.

Instead of random workouts with random results, AEROBIC 40 is progressive, so every week will build on the previous.

Use on its own, or pair with another program. AEROBIC 40 was designed to pair perfectly with PUMP 40 – so you can split your lifting and conditioning into separate sessions, and have time for the rest of your life.

Bundle both programs and save $29, or get both at no additional cost with a Persist subscription.



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