Maximum Muscle. Minimal Time.

How I stay jacked - with only 40 minutes

It may surprise you, but as a longtime health and fitness coach, one of the toughest jobs is getting my overachieving athletes to do less.

Once they’ve worked hard to put on muscle and get fit, the fear of losing it all kicks in if they ever let off the gas.

As a former CrossFit Games competitor, I understand completely. I still fight the compulsion to do more. After training 4 hours plus per day for years, I had no idea what would happen when life, kids, and work caught up and I finally had to slow down.

Spoiler alert: not much – at least when it came to muscle mass. And my clients maintain muscle too – even with much less time in the gym.

Better yet, shorter sessions end the constant struggle to meet family demands, deadlines, and prioritize your own health and fitness.

If you’re always on borrowed time, rushing through workouts to the next thing, something has to give. Disappointing others – or yourself – isn’t my idea of health and wellness. Squeezing too much into too little time also sets us up for a tweak, an injury, or a setback from staying consistent.

But it turns out that with a few key principles a 40 minute lifting session can help you maintain, or even gain a little muscle – and stop the pain and exhaustion from trying to do it all. (Eat a decent diet and get some sleep too, ok?)

2017 - CrossFit Games training full time
2022 - full-time dad & business owner

Sometimes less is best. But how?

PUMP 40 is the first lifting-only Functional Bodybuilding program that maintains or builds muscle in 40-minute workouts.

I’ve packed decades of experience in training and coaching into this program. Using classic bodybuilding methods along with functional movements, which carry over to life and other sports, PUMP 40 includes:

  • Pre-fatigue pumps to prep muscles FAST
  • Intensity supersets that pack a punch
  • Strength balance for healthy joints and a symmetrical physique
  • Timed formats to get you out the door on schedule

With 2 upper body and 2 lower body sessions per week, these workouts build progressively in an 8-week training cycle.

The 2x2 Rule

It’s the perfect format for my 2×2 Rule – the minimum effective dose for maintaining or building muscle:

  • Hitting upper and lower 2x per week…
  • Using 2 exercises per area…
  • For 2 sets at a 9/10 effort

PUMP 40 is structured to work you up to those high-intensity sets safely, cover every area of your body, and get you out the door on time.

Flexibility. Freedom. And a Fantastic Physique

An all-or-nothing mentality is the enemy to staying consistent – which as we all know is key to lasting results.

When an unexpected invitation comes up, you don’t have to get caught in the trap of leaving your workout half finished, or putting it off for another day…or maybe never.

PUMP 40 gives you the freedom to separate your lifting and conditioning or aerobic work.

You can do PUMP 40 on its own, or pair with:

  • Persist – sub in a PUMP 40 workout when you’re short on time, or add on a conditioning piece from the PUMP track 
  • CrossFit or other classes – enjoy community with friends, and build more strength and muscle too
  • Running, biking, or other sports – PUMP 40 won’t zap your energy to continue staying active
  • AEROBIC 40 – bundle the companion conditioning volume and save!

AEROBIC 40 contains 8 weeks of 40-minute sessions to develop your aerobic capacity:

  • 2 sessions per week with 1 modality (run, bike, ski, etc.)
  • 2 sessions per week with cardio + strength (body weight or light resistance)
  • With short sessions focused on lifting only or conditioning only, you’ll always have a fun, effective workout at your fingertips – as a focused progression, or when you need to adapt on the fly.
"I thought I would never be able to train with purpose again especially after having left my sport. I didn’t think working out would ever be the same again. But I feel like I have direction now and can really trust Marcus and the coaching he is providing."
- S. Hanna
"Since becoming a mom almost 5 years ago. My training went from 6x a week 1-2 hours. To 4x a week 20-30 min. I’m leaner, in a lot of ways stronger and truly healthier than I’ve ever been! Love the stuff you put out Marcus! Thank you!" 

- Bree F.
"All I gotta say is this is my favorite programming I have EVER done..I’m not trashed at the end of the week..aesthetically I look the best I ever have and I can actually move and look forward to working out everyday."
- Braxton

No Risk Guarantee

PUMP 40 and AEROBIC 40 can be purchased just like my other Ebooks, with a 30-day money-back guarantee – because we’re absolutely sure you’ll love it.

Or, you can get the Ebooks at no additional cost as a Persist subscriber benefit. Persist is a complete training subscription with 4 training tracks (including the popular PUMP track, which is similar to PUMP 40 in style). It also includes a mobility library, my nutrition system, and more.

I don’t want to look back and have regrets.

There are seasons to training – and life. Times to work hard toward a goal and go all in, and times to pull back and enjoy the people and moments around you.

A flexible approach with tools that work allows you to choose when to push and when to pull back on your time in the gym.

Get a great pump – and get on with your life!


$ 49 Single Payment
  • 8 Week Ebook

Persist 3 Month

Subscription Bundle
$ 99 Every 3 months
  • 4 Training Tracks
  • Mobility Library
  • Nutrition System
  • Athlete Support
  • Pump 40 + Aerobic ($69 Value)
Best Value


$ 69 Single Payment
  • 8 Week Pump 40 Ebook
  • 8 Week Aerobic 40 Ebook
  • Save $29!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What equipment will I need?

PUMP40 requires the basics of a functional fitness gym or setup, without specialty equipment like sleds, ropes, or GHDs. You’ll need a barbell and plates, box, pull up bar, DBs and/or KBs, bench, bands, and rings.

For AEROBIC 40 you’ll need a runner, rower, bike, or SkiErg, plus a few pieces of equipment for the mixed strength + cardio pieces. Substitutions are provided.

Are there warmups? Conditioning?

PUMP 40 workouts will prep you quickly for the lifting ahead, but you may need additional warmups if you are particularly tight or stiff. The warmups in Persist go well with the program if you need a little extra. There is no conditioning work in PUMP 40, but AEROBIC 40 makes a great pairing.

How do I use these programs with Persist?

The Ebooks give sample schedules and tips on how to use the programming on its own or combined with other activities. Within Persist you can reach out to Athlete Support any time if you have questions on how to use the workouts.

Can I purchase AEROBIC 40 on its own?

AEROBIC 40 is available as a single volume here, but the bundle discount cannot be applied retroactively. 

I don’t see my question here!

We’d be happy to assist you – use the chat box in the bottom right of your screen to reach us any time, or view self serve help articles.

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