Culinary Boners & Real Nutrition Talk

Good things come to those who remain open-minded – so if you’re quick to arrive at the word YUCK when you see something unappetizing, take a tip from this nutrition episode. Plus rapid fire questions on beer, peanut butter, poop, and sneaking in extra calories.

Ideal Anatomy & Training Splits

Got long femurs or uneven limb lengths? Have you ever been told you didn’t have the “ideal body” for your sport? Today we’re talking about training when certain moves feel all kinds of wrong. Plus: what’s the ideal training split? Brought to you by LMNT – get your free sample pack at

Build Visible Muscle

Dealing With Emotional Discomfort

Honest answers to the question “what made you feel vulnerable this week?” – and what it leads to when you’re fumbling towards change. Training, nutrition, and the pursuit of better health often lead us directly towards discomfort. We hope this conversation gives ideas on how to cope. Brought to you by Vivo Barefoot – get your special listener …

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