Should Staying Lean Feel Easy?

If you’re past the point of an aggressive weight loss plan, you may be wondering what it takes to sustain a lean physique. Does it have to be a daily struggle with hunger, cravings, and food prep, or should it feel like a breeze? Let’s get real – and talk about what it really takes to make minding your nutrition a long term habit. Sponsored by Airwaav – try a performance mouth guard at


Being in Pain to Train

We all expect that training in the gym will be less comfortable than sitting on the couch. But where’s the line between discomfort and pain, and is “no pain no gain” really true? If you’re working with injuries feeling vulnerable due to age and inactivity, we dig into relating to pain when it comes to getting stronger.


Make Cardio Less Hardio

The best kind of aerobic training is NOT the kind that makes you part ways with your breakfast or pound your joints to a pulp. Learn the FBB Formula for Cardio Success and you too can learn to love aerobic work. Cardio is a skill that can be progressed without pain or boredom, and lead to huge mental and physical benefits. We’ll show you how in this episode. This episode is sponsored by LMNT. Try a free sample pack at


Stretchy and Flexy

You might think of mobility work as a separate activity from training – but we’re here to show you how to get into beautiful back squats and other compromising positions by strength training in end ranges of motion. Tap into these tips to make some gains, prevent injury, and feel amazing in and out of the gym.


Discipline, Motivation, and Freedom

It’s time to train but the call of the couch is strong – what do you tell yourself to get on your feet? Even the most advanced athletes struggle with discipline and motivation sometimes – so today’s episode will help you frame how to get out of a funk.


How to Program Functional Bodybuilding

If you’ve ever done a full Functional Bodybuilding workout or training program, you’ve probably noticed there’s a lot going on – from the movement selection to the tempos to the way the conditioning is structured. So what goes into all that? Join us for this conversation on how FBB group programs are designed, and what you can take away for yourself.


Body Dysmorphia and Aesthetic Goals

We’ve all experienced a degree of shame or self-consciousness around our bodies. And while therapy is where to turn if this seriously impacts your daily life, the way we see our bodies has tremendous impact on how we approach our training and nutrition. Today we’re opening the conversation on this tender topic to share our thoughts on how to view your own progress in a more positive way.


Cook Fast! Easy Meal Prep Basics

You don’t have to give up your weekend work all day in the kitchen to make tasty, nourishing food. We’ll walk you through a system for fast meal prep any time you need it. Learn these basics and you’ll gain the confidence to cook protein, starch, veggies, and fat in meals that are easy to track, digest, and throw together on the go. Sponsored by Airwaav – visit for a discount on your performance mouthpiece.


From Pain to World Class Athlete

The fitness and health industry is usually segmented into specifics: physical therapy for injuries, nutritionists, trainers, and more. And while specialists will continue to have their place, more and more coaches are developing knowledge in many areas to connect the dots between training and health. Today we take a look at how an approach like Functional Bodybuilding can build a bridge out of pain or poor health, to anywhere you want to go.


Getting the CrossFit Athlete Look

The world of CrossFit exposed a lot of people to a physique that had seldom been seen before: lean, muscular, and powerful bodies for both male and female athletes. If you started training to look like a CrossFit superhero, you’ve probably discovered that a few classes per week won’t cut it. So how do you get the CrossFit look? We’ll break it down in today’s episode.