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What I’m Discovering about Muscle Mass in Training

Training is a laboratory where I uncover concepts I put into our training programs. And recently I’ve made some discoveries about how each of our bodies adapts to training, and how to make the most of a muscle building session in the gym.


AI and the Future of Fitness

ChatGPT can now make you a meal and workout plan in seconds. So is the fitness professional about to be replaced? Here’s our take on the future and where the human touch will come in handy.


Ozempic and other Weight Loss “Shortcuts”

Another celebrity weight loss trend has hit the market. So let’s take a realistic look at weight loss shortcuts, and what they leave on the table for those who partake.


Effort and Maximum Impact While Lifting

You want to get all you can out of your lifting sessions, right? Dialing in your effort levels will maximize your time in the gym. But that doesn’t mean everything should feel super hard. Use these tips to build strength and keep your body in the game much longer.


Training and Fasting

Fasting has become a popular way to control for calories, and it’s also a popular topic among those interested in general health and wellness. But it’s not a must-have for everyone. Here’s why you might want to fast or skip it entirely, and what to do if you want to train while fasted.


Going Off Sugar

What does it mean to go off sugar? Is it even possible? Let’s look at different ways and reasons to reduce sugar intake, and the role of sugar as an energy source for training and recovery.


Conditioning for Muscle Mass

If your goal is muscle mass, resistance training should be number 1. But what about conditioning? Will any amount of cardio steal your gainz? Here’s the role of conditioning for a muscle focused plan, and how you can still have fun and feel athletic with conditioning while building muscle too.


Counting Calories Correctly

Are the calories on your rower really what you burned? How about on your Apple watch? And are nutrition labels accurate too? Amid this sea of numbers, it’s easy to get mixed up – here are some truths about how calorie counting really works, and how to use it to your advantage. Sponsored by LMNT – get your free sample pack at


What to Get Out of Your Fitness Wearable

Before you dive into the hot debate about which wearable is best, let’s talk about how to actually use the data to improve your health and fitness. Don’t get sucked into fancy features without giving this a listen.

counting macros for dummies

Becoming a Professional Coach

Breaking down the business of coaching, Marcus charts his career from CrossFit coach to head of a global fitness brand. Including the pros and cons of working for yourself, and when you need to reach out for more support. Sponsored by Vivo Barefoot: Use CODE LGMW15 to get a special listener offer at

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