Underrated/Overrated: Training

Following up on the Nutrition version of this topic, we’re weighing in on minimalist training shoes, max effort lifting, fasted cardio, and more. What’s totally overrated, and what should you try out next in your fitness journey? Join us and let us know if you have other questions on what’s totally overrated in training, and what you might be overlooking.


Underrated/Overrated: Nutrition

We’re hitting you today with nutrition themes and our opinion on whether to skip them or give them a go. Should you incorporate cheat meals, time nutrients around training, or swap a big gooey brownie with the “healthy” version? Listen in to see where we stand on how nutrition fits into the Look Good Move Well lifestyle.


Values Factor, Fitness Edition

Has anyone ever told you that you care about fitness too much? Today we’re talking about unexpected benefits and experiences around prioritizing fitness in your life. Make your own rules, leave judgment behind, and listen in.

Self Talk in Training

Coming face to face with a tough workout or competition brings up anxiety and fear for everyone. So what can you actually do to make it better? Today we’re talking about the moment Marcus wanted to quit, as well as the smaller tips and tricks we use to get us through blah days or intimidating moments at the gym.


Transparency and Training

Podcast Following up on the “Natty or Not” episode, today we’re talking about transparency in the fitness industry. Nobody wants the wool pulled over their eyes when they buy a training or nutrition program – hear our thoughts on what goes on behind the scenes in fitness marketing, and how to spot snake oil vs. the real deal.


The Geezer Group

Podcast We all want to defy the odds and head into our later years fantastically fit. But not only do our bodies change, our lives get more complex – which means less energy to chase PRs, and more stress in the bucket. But there are more ways than one to make progress – listen in for some mental reframes and plans to stay fit in your senior years.

How the Functional Bodybuilding Business Began, Part Two

Podcast Following up from our last episode, today we talk through the business decisions we made over time in transitioning from a 12-week online fitness program into an ongoing group subscription model, as well as the differences in coaching individuals vs. larger groups. If you’re trying to grow your business online, we cover customer research, pivoting in the pandemic, and the fears and doubts that come with the territory of entrepreneurship.

Why I’m Not Your Guru – Becoming a Thinking Athlete

Podcast What do you do when you’ve been seduced by a training method or nutrition craze, only to find yourself questioning why your shoulders are still jacked up, or why you’re still putting on unwanted weight? For true longevity and sustainability in any method, there will come a point when you need to adapt day to day for your own unique needs. Today we’re talking about uncovering bias, asking deeper questions, and becoming an active participant in the design of your own plan.

Program Hopping Pleasures and Pitfalls

Podcast Have you ever been in a training program with different tracks, and haven’t been sure which to choose – so you choose them all? Or have you hopped from one training style to another, and had trouble sticking to one thing? Today we’re talking about how shiny new things can keep your motivation high – but also might not get you where you want to go. There’s a difference between adapting within a thread of training that keeps everything connected, and taking an entirely new tack – listen in for our thoughts on how to get the most from multiple training options.

Kettlebell Crazy

Podcast The kettlebell has evolved from fringe training tool to household fitness staple – so we’re talking about how to get the most from your minimalist training. From pre-hab or rehabbing injuries, to strength work, to skill work and conditioning, kettlebells give you a ton of variety whether used by themselves or in combination with other equipment. Come learn how we approach kettlebell work with Functional Bodybuilding, how to get stronger using the same weight, and why complex skill work is so valuable in training.