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The 2×2 Rule: A Minimum Dose for Maintaining Muscle

Want to hit the gym fast and get on with your life – while maintaining the muscle you have? Different times of the year call for different types of training. And since summer is in full swing, we’re making it simple to follow one rule for getting the minimum effective dose for muscle.


The Plan Got Me Here – Should I Change It?

A listener had great progress on a nutrition plan but is facing the uncertainty of whether to change things up. So we look at the big picture of going off the nutrition script you’ve been following. From baby steps to reasonable timelines to confronting fears, we’ll help you peer into the unknown to take a new approach with confidence.


Insulin, Sugar, and Fruit With a Meal

Can you have fruit with a meal without your blood sugar spiking? Does eating sugar cause insulin resistance? And what exactly is insulin, anyway? Sugar is everywhere we look, in both natural and artificial forms, so stick around to learn exactly what it does. And we’ll investigate some confusing messages about insulin and sugar along the way. Brought to you by LMNT – get your free sample pack at


Why I Quit Med School And How I Coped

Today’s episode is a personal story of how I transitioned from med school dropout to health and fitness professional. It wasn’t easy, and the highlight reel doesn’t help if you find yourself in a similar transition point in your life. Making a big decision is scary on your own – so we’re talking about support systems and how to build resilience to take your future into your hands. Brought to you by Airwaav – try a performance mouthpiece at


The Easiest Way to Lose Weight (and Shred Chicken)

A recent Google search prompted the question: what’s the easiest way to lose weight? And is that necessarily the best? We’re taking on the ins and outs of water weight and quick cuts, easier sustainable ways to control calories, and how to make the most change with the path of least resistance. Sponsored by Vivo Barefoot – get a special listener offer at


Worse Before It Gets Better – Making Nutrition Changes

The first days of a new nutrition plan are full of optimism and excitement – until reality kicks in. But what if things feel worse before they get better? Whether you’re dealing with hunger, indigestion, moodiness, or low energy, certain changes are to be expected when you switch up what you eat. Let’s shed some light on why these symptoms happen and what you can expect to get over the hump.


Coaching Functional Bodybuilding Groups

We recently had the opportunity to share FBB training, nutrition, and lifestyle education with several groups of athletes and coaches in Sweden. Hear our takeaways on connecting the dots and coaching effective group sessions. Sponsored by LMNT – get your free sample pack at


Filling Up, Fueling Early, and the Carnivore Diet

We’re answering listener questions today on how to eat enough high quality foods, and what to do if you hate eating meat for breakfast. Plus our take on the Carnivore Diet. Brought to you by Airwaav – try your performance mouthpiece at


When Should I Count Carbs?

A lot of people get hung up on high carb/low carb nutrition approaches when the reality is that there are a number of things that will make a much bigger impact on your nutrition first. So let’s learn about the flow chart for what to check off first to make the biggest, easiest improvements in performance and body composition, and where carbs fall on the list. Brought to you by Vivo Barefoot shoes – listeners can get a special discount at


Culinary Boners & Real Nutrition Talk

Good things come to those who remain open-minded – so if you’re quick to arrive at the word YUCK when you see something unappetizing, take a tip from this nutrition episode. Plus rapid fire questions on beer, peanut butter, poop, and sneaking in extra calories.

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