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Fat Bombs for Breakfast

You won’t find Marcus’s breakfast lining up with the Food Pyramid, or the majority of commonly held nutrition beliefs. From fat bombs to cholesterol myths to raw dairy and more, this episode will give you a lot to digest.  Brought to you by LMNT – get your free sample pack at


Dealing With Emotional Discomfort

Honest answers to the question “what made you feel vulnerable this week?” – and what it leads to when you’re fumbling towards change. Training, nutrition, and the pursuit of better health often lead us directly towards discomfort. We hope this conversation gives ideas on how to cope. Brought to you by Vivo Barefoot – get your special listener discount at


Will a New Baby Mess Up My Gains?

A listener with a new baby on the way asks how to reset expectations so they can hang onto their hard-earned fitness progress. If you have a big life change coming, we’re talking about how to stay consistent within reason, and let go of the all or nothing mentality. Sponsored by Airwaav – get 10% off your mouthpiece for better breathing during training at


Tech Tools and Ancestral Eating

If you’re looking for an edge in health or performance, sexy tech tools and apps will tempt you with the ability to track almost anything. Or are they just another screen to check? Today we’re talking about the merits and the pitfalls of tech tools in training, as well as optimizing health the opposite way: through ancestral ways of eating.


How Do You Take a Rest Day?

Rest days are for recharging – but lying on the couch won’t always make you feel better. From the science of blood flow to what to eat to hot and cold therapy, we’re laying down the details of how to have a rest day that gets you back in the gym and ready to go. Brought to you by LMNT – recharge and rehydrate with a free sample pack at


Celebrating With Sweets & Talk Therapy

What’s the deal with cookies at the office? Does every Thursday need a doughnut to mark the occasion? When the slightest celebration always involves sugar, it’s a slippery slope – so we’re talking about how to reframe and reset. Plus, the role of therapy in a 360 degree view of your health. Brought to you by Vivo Barefoot – listeners get a special discount at


Making Mobility More…Fun?

We’re answering your mobility questions today, including the difference between mobility and yoga, and whether aches and pains are normal. How should you choose exercises and structure a mobility program? And is there a way to make mobility work more fun? This episode is sponsored by Airwaav, our favorite performance mouthpiece for better breathing and jaw positioning. Try one with 10% off at

Strict Pull Ups

FBB vs. Competitive CrossFit

Functional Bodybuilding is all about looking good and moving well – but what if you want to compete? Today we’re talking about the missing variable for competing, and how to apply it to your training. Plus: how competitive CrossFitters really get their amazing physiques, and what you can take away for yourself.


Nutrition Myths – And What Actually Works

How often do you stop and reconsider everything you’ve learned about nutrition through labels, advertising, and social media? Let’s take a look at some common nutrition beliefs with a fresh eye to cut through the noise and stay focused on what works. Sponsored by LMNT – visit to get your free sample pack!

Look Good & Move Well

New Year Who Dis

Is it time to reinvent yourself for the new year — especially when it comes to your health and fitness? With a lens of seeing thousands of people start fresh in January, we’ll highlight the themes of those who maintain their success well into the year and beyond. Brought to you by Vivo -visit for a special offer for listeners.