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Competing in CrossFit – In a Bikini

A listener has a conundrum about an upcoming competition. Shred down to feel confident in a bikini, bulk up to maximize strength, or something in between? Can we really have it all when it comes to competition, and if not, how do we crush it while feeling confident? Sponsored by LMNT – get your free sample pack at


Six-Pack, Or Just Surviving?

When life is stable, it’s a luxury to be able to go after specific results like six-pack abs. Other times, we might be struggling just to get by and keep some kind of consistent health routine. Fitness and nourishment can help with both – and recognizing where you are may help you stack your wins. Today is Black Friday, which means big deals on Functional Bodybuilding ebooks, apparel, and especially on the Persist training program. Now through Cyber Monday, our lowest prices EVER are live on our website at You can pick up one of our popular ebooks like PUMP 40, grab the Practical Protein ebook for the first time ever in our store, or even better, get both


Translating Training For Your Perfect Results

Did your training plan not deliver your dream result? Before you program hop to the next hot thing, come learn how to take a look at a written workout or plan, and change it to better suit your needs. Whether you’re after a bigger chest, rounder glutes, or just to live to fight on another day, these Thinking Athlete nuggets will put the tools in your hands.


Keto & Intermittent Fasting: Pros and Cons

Tempted to join the keto craze, or dial in your fasting times? Whether you choose one of these or not, we draw the parallels among all successful nutrition plans to help you choose which one is right for you – or what to do next when you’re ready for a fresh approach. Sponsored by Vivo Barefoot – get a special listener offer at


When Should a Coach Hire a Coach?

You give everything to your athletes – or your clients in a lot of service industries. Who’s there for your health and wellness? If you’re thinking of hiring a coach, let’s talk about when it’s time, how to find one, and making the most of the relationship. Sponsored by LMNT – get your free sample pack at


Alcohol and What Percentage Efforts Should Feel Like

It’s a twofer today answering listener questions. First up, can you get shredded if you have 4-5 drinks per week? And what should 80% effort actually feel like on your body? If longevity in health and fitness is important to you, you’ll want the answers to both.


What is Reverse Dieting?

If you’ve gone on a diet or intentionally eaten fewer calories than you burn, what happens next? Avoid yo-yo dieting by ramping up your calories slowly and intentionally through a reverse diet. Here’s how. Sponsored by Vivo Barefoot – get a special listener offer at


Fitness in the Social Media Landscape

Not sure if you’ve noticed, but social media has changed a lot – short videos are all the rage, and more and more people are making content – especially related to fitness. Today we’re talking about the challenges of adding value with three seconds to make an impression. And we also discuss how to sort through the noise to find useful content for yourself.


Are You Training Hard Enough?

Got your nutrition on point? Great! Let’s get after it in the gym and make your goals a reality. But the level of effort you bring to your training has a huge impact on your results. So today we’ll look at what training hard really means, and how to tell if you’re overdoing it or just phoning it in. Sponsored by LMNT – get your free sample pack at


Are You Really Under Eating?

What’s the best way to educate clients about under eating? First, let’s look at the whole picture. When desired changes aren’t happening, there are several levers to pull among nutrition, training, and lifestyle – so make sure you pick the right one first. Brought to you by Airwaav – try a performance mouthpiece at

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