Counting Macros for Dummies

Let’s take it step by step so you have a clear understanding of how counting macros works. We’ll start at the beginning so you feel confident to take action right away.

counting macros for dummies

Fridge Like filly

Shopping, fridge, and pantry ideas to stay stocked to look good and move well. Get your free guide – no email required!

114 Row Variations

Dumbbell Row ideas, barbell rows, ring rows, landmine rows, and minimal equipment rows – and more. Do you only pull one or two ways? That ends now with this comprehensive guide & coaching tips!

row variations

Does Cardio Kill Gains?

Does Cardio Kill Gains? Most people think cardio is the last thing you should do if you want to build a lot of muscle. But the year I had the biggest physique transformation of my life involved a large increase in aerobic volume alongside my existing weight training (and plenty of fuel). Weights + more …

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