When Should I Count Carbs?

A lot of people get hung up on high carb/low carb nutrition approaches when the reality is that there are a number of things that will make a much bigger impact on your nutrition first. So let’s learn about the flow chart for what to check off first to make the biggest, easiest improvements in …

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Culinary Boners & Real Nutrition Talk

Good things come to those who remain open-minded – so if you’re quick to arrive at the word YUCK when you see something unappetizing, take a tip from this nutrition episode. Plus rapid fire questions on beer, peanut butter, poop, and sneaking in extra calories.

Ideal Anatomy & Training Splits

Got long femurs or uneven limb lengths? Have you ever been told you didn’t have the “ideal body” for your sport? Today we’re talking about training when certain moves feel all kinds of wrong. Plus: what’s the ideal training split? Brought to you by LMNT – get your free sample pack at

Build Visible Muscle

Will an Instagram Fad Diet Work For You?

Has social media served up a tempting fad diet? Before you go primal, paleo, or keto, we cover what we consider when checking the legitimacy of nutrition crazes, and how to conduct your own self experiments. Sponsored by Airwaav – try a performance mouthpiece with code MF10 at

Stressing Over Sourdough: Carbs & Body Composition

Information on carbohydrates is confusing and conflicting. But before you even worry about carbs, there are some basics to dial in first that will get you most or all of the way towards your goals alone. Learn what to prioritize step by step in today’s episode.