counting macros for dummies

Counting Macros for Dummies

Let’s take it step by step so you have a clear understanding of how counting macros works. We’ll start at the beginning so you feel confident to take action right...

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Fridge Like filly

Shopping, fridge, and pantry ideas to stay stocked to look good and move well. Get your free guide - no email required!

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how i fixed my back injury
How I Fixed My Back Injury

Unlike many medical professionals I encountered, I won’t advise you to simply stay inactive. My aspiration is to lead an active life and continually challenge myself physically, mentally, and emotionally. In pursuit of this, I’ve diligently sought the most effective approach to embrace an active lifestyle while minimizing the risk of injuries. Here’s what I’ve learned – the Five Pillars of Resilience.

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how to lean bulk
How To Lean Bulk

Lean bulking means eating at 10-15% above maintenance calories. Train hard with progressive overload and in return, add muscle mass. Along with that muscle comes a small amount of body fat. In a lean bulk, the idea is to eat just enough in a surplus to promote muscle growth.

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7 Fitness Hacks To Look Sexy

Applying these fitness hacks to look sexy – 4 for training and 3 for nutrition – has transformational power. They are the drivers of lasting physical change in both how you look and how you feel.

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Deload Week

What’s a deload week? When do you need one? And what does it actually look like? Regain your passion for training with the power of the deload.

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row variations
114 Row Variations

Dumbbell Row ideas, barbell rows, ring rows, landmine rows, and minimal equipment rows – and more. Do you only pull one or two ways? That ends now with this comprehensive guide & coaching tips!

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Look Good. Move Well.

Workouts for sculpted arms and a six pack are different than those for speed and power. Get my blend of both and a sample nutrition plan. Plus a Big Bicep Bonus for my favorite arm finishers!